Hector Chavez, Voice Actor

Hector Chavez is a voice actor from Orange County. Growing up, he never anticipated he would be pursuing a career in show business. That changed when a celebrity guest speaker visited his school and inspired Hector to pursue acting. He began finding opportunities to perform, and developed a love for entertaining audiences and capturing their attention.

As time went on, however, Hector found himself putting his dreams on hold. A fear of rejection, and the uncertainty of being able to provide for his family led Hector down a more traditional path. It wasn’t until a near-death experience that his perspective changed, and he realized he felt unfulfilled in his career. He discovered voice acting, and vowed to commit himself 100% to pursuing his passion.

In this episode, Hector shares his early experiences as a performer, and how a bad on-set experience as a background actor challenged his confidence and influenced his decision to move away from on-camera acting. He also opens up about the harrowing experience that almost cost him his life, and how working as a voice actor has opened up new and exciting opportunities.

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