Woman Needs Reconstructive Surgery After Receiving ‘Lamb Fat’ Buttocks Injections From Monterey Park Beautician

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A Monterey Park woman was arrested on suspicion of injecting a woman with an unknown substance to enhance her buttocks, federal authorities said. (Credit: Kirk McKoy / Los Amgeles Times)

She wanted a backside that was “bigger and plump,” according to federal authorities, but what she got instead was a medical nightmare.

The woman, who was identified only as I.T. in a federal affidavit filed Friday, told authorities her troubles began when she employed the services of Ana Bertha Diaz Hernandez — a Monterey Park beautician who promised to make the woman’s callipygian dreams come true with a series of lamb’s fat injections.

Diaz Hernandez told the woman the cell-infused injections were guaranteed “safe and will stay in place until she dies,” federal authorities said.

But after getting the injections at Diaz Hernandez’s home in 2015, the woman soon noticed that the so-called “nature product” had moved into her back, hips and legs. She later underwent a major surgery to reconstruct her buttocks.

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