Arizona Man Allegedly Beat Disabled Stepdad to Death for Not Getting Out of Bed

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A Glendale, Arizona, man is accused of beating to death his stepdad who was a veteran and used a wheelchair.

Heath Allen McConkey is accused of beating to death his stepdad who was a veteran and used a wheelchair. (Credit: Maricopa County Sheriff)

Heath Allen McConkey is facing one count of first-degree murder, KTVK reported.

According to court documents, it all started when McConkey told the victim, who is disabled and only gets around in an electric wheelchair, to get out of his hospital-style bed on Tuesday afternoon in the area of 67th Avenue and Deer Valley Road.

When the victim said no, McConkey “became enraged” and allegedly started punching his 72-year-old stepdad in the face with both hands. The victim didn’t fight back.

McConkey then pulled his stepdad off the bed and onto the ground and continued to punch and kick him, court paperwork said.

The 46-year-old then got a belt from his room and planned to drag his stepdad out of the house. However, he was “exhausted from beating the victim” so he passed out on the floor.

That’s when McConkey’s mother came home and found the two in a pool of blood, police said. She then called 911. McConkey was then arrested.

Court documents said his mother worried that he wasn’t taking his medication for depression and anxiety. McConkey told police he took his medication daily. He also said he smoked marijuana earlier that day, court paperwork said.

Apparently, McConkey said his relationship with his stepdad had soured through the years and said the victim was controlling and would just lie around in his bed all day.

McConkey made his first court appearance where a judge issued a secured bond of $1 million.