Drug Bust Evidence Gathered by L.A. County Sheriff Deputy Is Questioned in Court

A Los Angeles County Sheriff's vehicle is seen in this file photo. (Credit: dannyi2yu/ iStock/ Getty Images)

Along a winding stretch of the 5 Freeway near the Grapevine, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Deputy James Peterson has built a reputation for sniffing out drugs.

In recent months, Peterson made at least six large busts, uncovering stashes of narcotics in cars he stopped for speeding and other minor violations. In one vehicle, he found a storage compartment stuffed with 28 pounds of methamphetamine and three pounds of heroin. Some of the men he arrested were armed.

They appeared to be the kind of needle-in-the-haystack discoveries that sheriff’s officials wanted from Peterson and the handful of other deputies assigned to a small unit launched in 2012 with a tough mission: Interrupt the flow of drugs north from Mexico by picking off traffickers as they try to make it out of Los Angeles on the busy freeway.

But in court, some of Peterson’s cases have crumbled.

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