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Arizona Teen Who Killed His Sister Wanted to Kill Entire Family, Police Say

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An18-year-old man who allegedly shot and killed his 15-year-old sister in their Phoenix home on Friday wanted to kill his entire family, according to court documents released on Monday.

Ignacio Estrada is seen in an image provided by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

The home is near the 2000 block of W. Sherman Street, near 19th Avenue and Grant Street, KTVK reported.

Ignacio Estrada told police that he had been planning to kill his entire family for the last year because of a $20,000 loan to his mother and father.

He got a 12-gauge shotgun from the trunk of his brother’s vehicle on Thursday night and hid it in the backyard of the home.

According to the initial police report, Estrada shot his sister, Reyna Estrada, so she would not be able to call police after he shot and killed the rest of his family.

Police said Estrada fired the gun three to four times from his room in the direction of his sister’s room.

Estrada said he heard moaning so he fired additional rounds into his sister’s bedroom from the living room and the hallway.

He then waited for his father to come home from work with the intention of stealing his father’s wallet and PIN number before killing him, according to police.

Estrada admitted he planned to shoot his father in the head but when he pulled the trigger the gun malfunctioned.

The two then got into a physical fight that lasted more than 30 minutes until Estrada’s mother got home from work and called the police.

Just after 5 p.m., officers received a call about a person with a gun, according to a news release from the Phoenix Police Department.

Police officers had to break up the fight between Estrada and his father before they could take Estrada into custody.

Estrada was booked into jail on one count of first-degree murder, three counts of attempted murder and other felony charges.

His bail was set at $1 million after his mother spoke at his initial court appearance on Saturday where she said, “Do not release him, your honor. I do not feel safe around him.”

“I am both his mother and the mother of the victim so I, unfortunately, lost two kids yesterday,” she said.