Man Convicted of Murder in Fatal Stabbing of 60-Year-Old Homeless Woman in Corona

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A man has been convicted by a jury for the 2016 fatal attack on a 60-year-old homeless woman in Corona.

Steven Loia is seen in a booking photo released by the Corona Police Department.

A jury found Steven Loia, 54, guilty of murder on July 20 for the death of Lavern Davis, who was brutally attacked with a bat and a knife in a shopping center parking lot on Sept. 22, 2016, the Corona Police Department said in a news release Tuesday.

Loia attacked Davis with a bat and knife while she  was walking through a parking lot located in the 700 block of S. Main Street.

Loia was arrested immediately after the deadly attack.

He initially fled the scene, but several witnesses told responding officers where he was located.

The motive for the fatal attack was unknown.

Loia is scheduled to be sentenced in August. He faces a maximum sentence of 57 years to life in prison.

Members of the Corona community spoke fondly about Davis at vigils after her death, saying she was well-known in the city, and could always be found sitting on a bench in front of the strip mall where she was killed.