Chandler Juliet, Recording Artist

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Chandler Juliet is a recording artist and singer-songwriter from Los Angeles. The daughter of renowned jazz trombonist Bob McChesney and jazz singer/violinist Calabria Foti, Chandler has been around music all her life. By age 9, she was writing her own original songs on her mother’s old guitar. After performing an original song for a group of girls at her job as a summer camp counselor, Chandler began to really push herself to pursuing a career as a recording artist.

At just 22-years-old, Chandler has already made a number of achievements in the music industry. She has produced music videos, performed live at notable venues, collaborated with influential producers, and won the award for “Best Pop Recording” at the  Indie Music Channel Awards in 2015, and again in 2017.

Talent aside, Chandler’s successes as an independent artist are a  direct result of her drive and hard work towards pursuing her dreams. In this episode, she shares how she was motivated to achieve her goals, and some of the lessons she learned along the way.

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