New Video Shows Man Throwing Punch at Officer Before Fatal Huntington Beach Shooting (Warning: Graphic Content)

Warning: Graphic video.

A new bystander video of a fatal police shooting at a Huntington Beach convenience store shows the suspect approaching the officer aggressively and then throwing at least one punch before the pair begin to wrestle and the lawman resorts to lethal force.

The 96-second video, which appears to have been shot from inside a car outside a 7-Eleven, surfaced over the weekend and was posted to Twitter. The video shows a young man with long, dark hair moving quickly toward an officer who has a weapon drawn and pointed at the young man’s chest.

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The weapon — which police said was a Taser stun gun — does little to deter the suspect’s advance. As the officer continues to hold the weapon in his right hand, he backpedals rapidly and speaks into a radio he holds with his left hand.

The video then shows the suspect reaching out and punching the officer at least once before the officer attempts to throw a headlock on the man.

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