The Bridge House by Dan Brunn Architecture

Gayle Anderson was live in Los Angeles to continue her “HOME SWEET HOME” series at a new project known as THE BRIDGE HOUSE. This is a new project by Dan Brunn, AIA, Principal of Dan Brunn Architecture, exemplifying the future of home building.

The 4,500-square-foot BRIDGE HOUSE is a 212-foot-long, 20-foot-wide minimalist home spanning a natural stream. Brunn says the project demonstrates innovative building systems and eco-friendly design. Using a modular, prefabricated steel construction system, created by Canadian manufacturer Bone Structure, the system offers numerous construction, cost savings, and ecological benefits.

• Construction time is shaved off by 25% due to the system’s 5-foot-by-5-foot, post-and-beam grid to expedite on-site assembly and cost savings.
• Energy efficiency is gained through fitted insulated panels for tight thermal resistance, as well as photovoltaic cells and venting skylights on the roof and dual pane, low-E windows to reduce heat gain.
• Zero onsite construction waste is a byproduct of prefabrication of all steel components and minimal welding.
• Net-zero energy is a result of all these factors combined, so the amount of energy provided by on-site renewable sources is equal to the amount of energy consumed by the building.

The project is a partnership with Dwell magazine and several product manufacturers to act as a venue for social and educational events with the project partners.


The Bridge House
Dan Brunn Architecture

BONE Structure