Porter Ranch Residents Call on Gubernatorial Candidates to Shut Down Aliso Canyon Gas Facility

The Aliso Canyon gas storage facility drew scrutiny when an natural gas leak forced residents in nearby Porter Ranch from their homes. (Credit: Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times)

A mysterious disease is spreading through Kyoko Hibino’s neighborhood, but you’d never know it by glancing at her sunny, tree-lined Southern California community, she says.

The Porter Ranch resident has suffered bronchitis, heart palpitations, headaches and nosebleeds, none of which amount to a diagnosis by doctors. Hibino said her cat also started getting nosebleeds, and now has cancer.

“We are slowly being killed,” she said, noting that the air near her house is clear, making the problem hard to spot. “It’s not ‘dramatic’ enough.”

Three years after a massive gas leak at the Southern California Gas Co. storage facility at Aliso Canyon — the largest methane leak in U.S. history — nearby residents say they’re still suffering health problems from toxins in the air.

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