Spoken Dreams: B. Dave Walters, Storyteller

B. Dave Walters appears alongside Bobby Gonzalez.

B. Dave Walters is a storyteller originally from Little Rock, Arkansas. Throughout his career, he has been a writer, producer, performer, business owner, host, martial artist, life coach, and more. Growing up, he had originally wanted to be an aerospace engineer. In high school, he was introduced to Shakespeare, which he credits with changing his life path. B. Dave went on to earn his degree in English, and sought to use his voice to help others.

Proficient in several disciplines of martial arts, B. Dave was presented with a unique opportunity to serve as a bodyguard for an immensely popular, national touring band. The endeavor brought him to Los Angeles, where he would eventually settle himself. Since then, B. Dave Walters has continued to establish himself as a storyteller, motivator, and community influencer. He currently hosts The Rundown web series for 20th Century Fox, and Ask Your Black Geek Friend for Geek and Sundry.

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