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  • Two Important Earthquake Safety Documents You Need to Read

    This morning’s 4.4 magnitude quake woke lots of people up at 6:25 AM.  And hopefully, it will also awaken you to the necessity of preparing for a much larger, potentially devastating quake. Maybe you have some questions about exactly what you need to do. These two documents contain a great deal of important information: EmergencySurvivalGuide-LowRes PuttingDownRootsSoCalFall08

  • More NFL Cheerleaders File Lawsuit For Higher Pay

    It’s not just the Oakland Raiderettes who say they’ve been ripped off by the NFL team that employs them. Now a member of the Cincinnati Bengals cheerleading squad has slapped her team with a class action lawsuit, which was filed in federal court this week. Alexa Brenneman says she spent more than three hundred hours working as a Ben-Gals cheerleader last year, and was paid a total of $855. That translates to a pay rate of less than $2.85 an […]

  • Where to Find Hidden Malibu Beaches

    Here’s the list of the beaches we mentioned on the air this morning: Escondido Beach, near 27400 Pacific Coast Hwy. Lechuza Beach, Bunnie Lane and Broad Beach Rd. Broad Beach access, near 31138 Broad Beach Rd. Also, you can download Jenny Price’s guide to Malibu beaches here:  http://laurbanrangers.org/site/sites/default/files/tools/laur_malibu_manual.pdf For more information about Price’s project, visit ourmalibubeaches.com.

  • Raw Video: Skateboarders’ Take on Commuter Train Crash

    Some skateboarders happen to be first on the scene of that commuter train crash in Connecticut that injured 72 people. As they get closer, they realize how serious it is.  Note:  Graphic language.

  • North Texas Tornadoes — One Woman’s Story

    Jane Adams lives in a rural area near Granbury, Texas.  It’s the town 65 miles southwest of Dallas that got hit by several powerful tornadoes. She spoke to us by phone about the experience of seeing the dark, funnel clouds in the distance, and the distinct sounds that twisters make.

  • Charles Ramsey AutoTune Is Already Out (VIDEO)

    It didn’t take long.  Somebody has already put a beat to Charles Ramsey’s interview, and they’ve run his voice through the auto-tune machine. Ramsey is, of course, the Cleveland man who heard screams coming from behind the front door of a home in his neighborhood. He helped Amanda Berry escape, which led to the discovery of two other women who were held captive there for at least a decade.  

  • Could Someone Help This Sea Lion?

    Viewer Marna Timmer has sent in photos of an injured sea lion, and writes: This poor sea lion has been suffering for over a week in Marina del Rey. Numerous calls to Marine Animal Rescue, Marina Mammal Care, any animal rescue group on Facebook have gone unreturned. Every nonprofit group has a message about how they are busy with underfed seal pups. No  group actually has a person call back. Every tourist coming to Burton Chace park can see this […]

  • Tallest Bike Ever?

    If you haven’t seen this video from the latest CicLAvia event, you really should. Some guy built a super-tall bike, and he rode it from downtown all the way to the Venice Pier.  When he goes under the 405 bridge, he claims he only had two inches of clearance above his thumbs on the handlebars. He had to duck to get underneath it. You have to wonder what would happen to him if he fell off from that height. Hope […]

  • Folk Singer Richie Havens Dies

    The world lost a great performer with the death of Richie Havens, from a sudden heart attack, at the age of 72. He opened the 1969 Woodstock Festival by improvising the song “Freedom” in front of that huge crowd.   From the CNN obituary: Havens told Billboard that his breakthrough at Woodstock came after another artist’s equipment got stuck in traffic. He was supposed to be the fifth act. “It was 5 o’clock and nothing was happening yet,” Havens told […]