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  • This pygmy hippo is the newest addition to the ZSL Whipsande Zoo in London, which provided photos and videos of the hippo calf.

    Rare Pygmy Hippo Born to Mom With Cancer at London Zoo

    A London zoo gave the public its first glimpse of a rare pygmy hippo that was born the day after Christmas in recently released video posted to its website. The hippo calf was born at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo on Dec. 26 to Flora, a 28-year-old pygmy hippo who is battling cancer, according to the zoo’s website. The tiny addition was a particularly welcome one given the species is classified as endangered, and there is a current shortage of males within […]

  • (Credit: Plymouthherald.co.uk via CNN)

    5-Year-Old U.K. Boy Gets $24 Bill For Missing Friend’s Birthday Party

    A 5-year-old boy’s family said their child was recently billed for missing his friend’s birthday party in England. Alex Nash originally RSVP’d “yes” to the party, but ended up missing the event to visit his grandparents, CNN reported Tuesday. The birthday boy’s mother sent Alex and his parents an invoice for a “child’s party no show fee.” His parents refused to pay the $24 bill, prompting a threat from the other child’s mother and father to take the family to […]

  • KTLA sister station KSWB provided this photo on Jan. 19, 2015, after a San Diego clinic closed because a possible measles patient required treatment.

    San Diego Urgent Care Clinic Closes Due to Suspected Measles Case

    A San Diego urgent care clinic closed Monday as officials treated a possible measles patient, KTLA sister station KSWB reported. It was unclear how long the closure at Sharp Rees-Stealy Rancho Bernardo Urgent Care at 1950 Via Tazon would last. It was also not known if the possible case was one of the 13 reported so far in January by the San Diego County Health an Human Services Agency or if the patient had recently been to Disneyland, as some others […]

  • Ryan Pritchard, right, takes a picture of his son Jake during a mountain climbing trip. (Credit: Courtesy of Ryan Pritchard/via KTXL)

    Sacramento Area Boy, 11, Honored by CHP After Helping Save His Father’s Life

    An 11-year-old Sacramento County boy was honored Sunday by the California Highway Patrol for helping to save his father’s life after a hiking accident near Lake Berryessa (map). Jake Pritchard was on a hike in Napa County on Jan. 5 with his 18-year-old brother, Devon, and 41-year-old father, Ryan, when the incident occurred. As the trio’s excursion was coming to an end, Jake told KTXL, his dad put his hand on an unstable rock, fell 50 feet down a cliff and […]

  • The publisher of "The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven" has said it will discontinue sales of the book after co-author Alex Malarkey said the story was a hoax. (Credit: Tyndale House)

    ‘Boy Who Came Back From Heaven’ Author Says Story Was a Hoax

    Alex Malarkey, who co-wrote the book “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven” almost five years ago, has now admitted that the story was a hoax. Frank Buckley reports for the KTLA 5 Morning News on Friday, Jan. 16, 2015.

  • A group of pranksters were detained by Los Angeles Police Department officers after admitting to having "Coke" in their vehicle. (Credit: Nelk Filmz)

    Caught on Video: Pranksters Detained by LAPD After Admitting to Having ‘Coke’ in Vehicle

    A YouTube video shows a group of pranksters in an SUV making an apparently startling admission to LAPD officers who were questioning them at Venice Beach: “I can’t do this. We have a bunch of Coke in the back,” blurted out one of the jokesters. “I’m sorry.” The officers handcuffed the foursome while searching the trunk of the vehicle, which resulted in the discovery of … several cans of Coca-Cola. The incident ended with the pranksters shaking hands with the […]

  • Martin Pistorius is seen holding his book in a photograph posted on his website.

    Man Who Woke From 12-Year Coma Says He Was Trapped in His Body, Aware of Everything

    In the late 1980s, when he was 12 years old, Martin Pistorius fell into a coma where he remained in a vegetative state for a dozen years. Doctors in South Africa, where Pistorius is from, were not sure what caused the mystery illness, but suspected it was cryptococcal meningitis. His condition grew worse and eventually he lost all ability to move, speak and make eye contact. Physicians gave the boy a poor prognosis for surviving the unknown degenerative disease, but that […]

  • A public bus collided with a pickup truck in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Friday, Jan. 2, 2014. (Credit: KOAT/via CNN)

    Caught on Video: New Mexico Bus Driver Goes Through Windshield in Dramatic Crash

    Two drivers were unhurt after a public bus and pickup truck collided at an intersection in Albuquerque, New Mexico, sending the bus driver through the windshield. The dramatic crash occurred Jan. 2 at Central Avenue and Unser Boulevard (map), where police said a truck ran a red light and struck the ABQ Ride bus. “It was a crash that was unavoidable,” Rick De Reyes, a spokesman for the transit agency, told KOAT. “If you take a look at the video, […]

  • Kentucky police Officer Darryl Jouett is seen holding his gun in an elevator before accidentally shooting himself. (Credit: Mercer Garage/via WCPO/CNN)

    Video Shows Police Officer Accidentally Shooting Himself in Cincinnati Elevator

    A Kentucky police officer was recovering Monday after accidentally shooting himself in a Cincinnati elevator in an incident that was captured on surveillance video. Officer Darryl Jouett, of the Erlanger Police Department, stepped into the elevator with his wife after the couple had dinner in the Cinncinnati neighborhood of Over-the-Rhine, WCPO reported. Surveillance footage shows Joett removing his gun from his holster with his right hand while hold a paper bag and small box with his left. He checks the […]