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Recent Articles
  • 70-LaCanada

    La Canada Flintridge – Rose Parade Float

    Dimensions: 26’H x 18’W x 53’L Builder: La Canada Flintridge Tournament of Roses Association Three forest rascals have borrowed a camper’s raft to enjoy the fun of running a wild river. Bucky Beaver and the fish are enjoying their natural habitat, but Buddy Bear is thrilled with the sight of berry patches and wild bee hives as they pass by. All fail to see the upcoming rapids. Although alert to the danger, Hobbes the Bobcat has broken his paddle and […]

  • 32-Kiehls

    Kiehl’s – Rose Parade Float

    Dimensions: 16’H x 18’W x 55’L Builder: Fiesta Parade Floats Kiehl’s not only reflects the American spirit, it also combines beauty and the boldness to test products in punishing conditions – so there’s no doubt they’re highly efficacious. The Kiehl’s unique heritage is florally emphasized with “The Beauty of Adventure.” Share your adventure! Over the years, the main passions and interest of Kiehl’s founding family have become a part of the visual and emotional fabric of the brand. The family’s […]

  • 28-KaiserPermanente

    Kaiser Permanente – Rose Parade Float

    Dimensions: 24’H x 18’W x 55’L Builder: Fiesta Parade Floats The centerpiece of the 2016 Kaiser Permanente float is the mythical Mother Nature, her arms gracefully stretching 55 feet in length, as she celebrates the exquisite splendors of her creation. Majestic Monarch butterflies and honey bees awaken and soar high overhead in magnificent floral trees created from 20,000 orchids. Delicate oversized sculptured lily blossoms encompass Mother Nature, gently spiraling down from the floral canopy to the vibrant gardens below bursting […]

  • 16-FarmersInsurance

    Farmers Insurance Group – Rose Parade Float

    Dimensions: 24’H x 18’W x 70’L Builder: Phoenix Decorating Company Inspired by the theme of adventure, a motorcyclist is cruising down a floral pathway leading a classic RV packed with precision of all necessary vacation items. Towing a mobile home with the SS Farmers motor boat attached to the rear of the float, our friends are prepared to enjoy the road and waterways ahead. A gator checks out the traveling party as a pair of golfers make their way through […]

  • 34-Downey

    Downey Rose Float Association

    Dimensions: 16’6”H x 18’W x 54’L Builder: Downey Rose Float Association “Exploring the Everglades” features Miss Downey and her court hiking and canoeing the Everglades. Starting at the front of the float, we meet our fist explorer. Directly behind her we find 3 herons standing in the blue waters of the Everglades. Center we find a Mother panther resting high a-top a stone arch, while her cubs frolic and play below her. moving towards the back of the float we […]

  • 38-DonateLife

    Donate Life – Rose Parade Float

    Dimensions: 26’H x 18’W x 55’L Builder: Paradiso Parade Floats This elegant design depicts a fanciful caravan with a pair of ornately adorned camels reclining in a lush desert oasis filled with treasures. Golden vessels overflowing with lavish floral displays surround the colorful camels. A delicate archway draped with flowering vines rises at the rear of the float. The design reminds us that every human life is a treasure. Floragraph portraits of 60 deceased organ donors appear on memorial gold […]

  • 80-Dole

    Dole – Rose Parade Float

    Dimensions: 26’H x 18’W x 55’L Builder: Fiesta Parade Floats DOLE’s awe-inspiring float celebrates the world’s precious rainforests where over 30 million species of plants and animals can be found. The adventure of zip-lining takes center stage high over the lush canopy of orchid filled trees and creates the perfect panoramic view of brilliantly colored macaws taking flight over the dense forested floral floor below. Creating the backdrop of this lush depiction of flora and fauna are 4 fresh waterfalls […]

  • 44-Irvine

    Destination Irvine / Irvine Chamber of Commerce – Rose Parade Float

    Dimensions: 25’H x 18’W x 55’L Builder: Phoenix Decorating Company The float is a fantastical floral lab scene featuring an array of colorful beakers, helixes, elements and animated gears designed to explore the fun and adventure of science, technology, engineering and math. Peter the Anteater, the University of California, Irvine’s mascot, dons a lab coat to become the whimsical scientist in a nod to the university’s 50th anniversary and their role as a medical and technology innovation leader. Materials: Innovation […]

  • 88-CityOfTorrance

    City of Torrance – Rose Parade Float

    Dimensions: 20’H x 18’W x 35’L Builder: Fiesta Parade Floats The “purr-fectly” tranquil setting of this colorful City of Torrance neighborhood, with a manicured backyard lined with bright and cheery sunflowers and white-picket fence, suddenly becomes a CATastrophic adventure. The cat’s humorous antics get him in a “paw-ful” situation as he climbs a tree, gets stuck, and needs rescuing. The zany backyard dishevelment unfolds before wide-eyed birds perched high in the tree as an oblivious guard dog lazily naps. The […]