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Recent Articles
  • Lance Cpl. Sean P. Neal is seen in a photo posted to Facebook.

    Riverside Marine, 19, Dies in Iraq During US Mission Against ISIS

    A 19 year-old Marine from Riverside has died in Iraq, becoming the second U.S. military member to die as the U.S. fights the advance of Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. Lance Cpl. Sean P. Neal, a specialist in the use of mortars, died in a “non-combat related incident” Thursday in Baghdad, the Department of Defense announced Friday. The incident is under investigation. Neal, who enlisted in 2013, was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment at Twentynine […]

  • A file photo of Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. (Credit: Getty Images)

    Ebola Scare on LAX Shuttle Briefly Closes Union Station Bus Plaza

    Los Angeles Union Station’s bus plaza was shut down for an hour and a half Friday afternoon after a man who had recently traveled to Nigeria said he felt feverish and nauseous, but officials cautioned that he did not have Ebola. “It’s not Ebola,” said Sarah Kissell Garrett, a spokeswoman with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. “It’s not suspected Ebola. It’s not Ebola.” The passenger had just taken the FlyAway shuttle bus from Los Angeles International Airport, Metro […]

  • An LAPD patrol car is seen in this file photo. (Credit: KTLA)

    LAPD Officer Allegedly Beat and Kicked Restrained Suspect in the Head

    A Los Angeles police officer is under investigation for allegedly beating and kicking a suspect who was being held down by other officers, according to sources close to the probe. The altercation was captured by a private company’s security camera. Several police officials who saw the video told The Times that the officer delivered a powerful kick to the suspect’s head. One said the officer resembled “a football player kicking a field goal.” Another described it as “horrific.” The suspect, […]

  • Armando Villa, 19, seen in a family photo, collapsed and died during a hike sponsored by a fraternity at CSUN.

    Another CSUN Fraternity Being Investigated for Possible Hazing

    School officials said late Thursday that a fraternity at Cal State Northridge was under investigation for possible hazing, months after a pledge at a different Greek organization died during a mandatory hike. In a letter posted by school newspaper the Daily Sundial, William Watkins, vice president for student affairs and dean of students, told sorority and fraternity presidents that the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity was being investigated for possible hazing. This comes months after CSUN student Armando Villa, 19, died […]

  • Emeka Charles Ofoedu, has been accused of trying to "caress, massage or place (a) victim's foot or toes in/on his mouth without the victim's consent." (Credit: Cal State University San Marco Police)

    San Marcos Students Warned About Man Accused of Fondling Women’s Feet

    Students at Cal State San Marcos have been warned about a 19-year-old man accused of making “inappropriate sexual advances” toward women, focusing on their feet and toes. Campus police tweeted an alert Thursday that Emeka Charles Ofoedu, who is not a student at the school, has been accused of trying to “caress, massage or place (a) victim’s foot or toes in/on his mouth without the victim’s consent.” Ofoedu is in San Diego County Jail after being arrested on suspicion of […]

  • Claire Hough was in San Diego visiting her grandparents from her home in Rhode Island when she was found strangled. (Credit: KSWB)

    San Diego Police Solve 1984 Killing of Teen at Torrey Pines State Beach

    The brutal 1984 killing of a teenager at Torrey Pines State Beach has apparently been solved through DNA and an extensive investigation, the San Diego Police Department announced Thursday. Both suspects in the strangulation and mutilation of 14-year-old Claire Hough are dead, the police said. Both were linked through DNA. The teenager was in San Diego visiting her grandparents from her home in Rhode Island when she was found dead. One of the suspects, Ronald Clyde Tatro, 70, was killed […]

  • A still from a YouTube video shows a CHP officer being shooed away by a motorcyclist who filmed the encounter. The video was posted by Gurustunts on Oct. 21, 2014.

    CHP Probing Video of Motorcyclists Taunting Pursuing Officer on Bay Area Freeway

    A California Highway Patrol officer trying to warn a group of 50 motorcyclists about performing stunts on a Bay Area highway was taunted and shooed away by a rider who filmed the encounter. The video, which was posted Tuesday on YouTube by Gurustunts, shows the riders performing wheelies on Interstate 680 in Milpitas. The video, which has been viewed more than 250,000 times, offers the riders’ perspective as they fled from the officer. But now the video and the riders’ […]

  • Protesters march against police brutality in downtown Los Angeles. (Credit: Los Angeles Times)

    Protest Against Police Brutality Brings Downtown L.A. Traffic to Halt

    Protesters marching against police brutality Wednesday afternoon snarled traffic throughout downtown L.A. The demonstration organized by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network began about 2 p.m. at Olympic Boulevard and Broadway, according to a Facebook event page created by the group. From there protesters were expected to make their way to LAPD headquarters at 100 W. 1st St. “Police brutality and police murder are daily occurrences in the U.S.,” the Stop Mass Incarceration Network said in a statement. “Our resistance to […]

  • A woman is suing the county after a nurse at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, shown in 2008, allegedly shared a picture of the woman's eyes gouged with pencils. (Credit: Los Angeles Times)

    Woman Sues L.A. County After Gouged-Eyes Hospital Photo Goes Viral

    The photograph of a woman’s eyes gouged with pencils was shocking enough. But even more so, her attorney says, is the fact that a nurse at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center violated her privacy and shared the image — an act that eventually led to it going viral online. As a result, the patient, whose name is not disclosed in court documents, has suffered anxiety over fears that people will figure out that it’s her in the photograph, which has […]