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Falsely Accused: The Exoneration of Brian Banks

Brian Banks was a 16-year-old rising football at Long Beach Poly Tech when he was falsely accused of raping a classmate back in 2002.

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LONG BEACH, Calif. (KTLA) — The Long Beach School District is suing the woman who falsely accused Brian Banks of rape in 2002.

The school district is trying to recoup what it can from a $1.5 million settlement it paid to Wanetta Gibson.

Gibson won the settlement after she claimed lax security led to her being raped by Banks, who was a football star at Poly High School at the time.

Gibson later admitted the rape claim was false, and Banks was exonerated as a result.

Banks was exonerated after spending 5 years in prison as a result of the lie.

He was recently signed to play football for the Atlanta Falcons.

Exonerated Football Star, Brian Banks, Talks About Signing With FalconsATLANTA, Ga. (KTLA) — Brian Banks, the one-time high school football star who served time after being falsely accused of rape, spoke on the KTLA Morning News about signing with the Atlanta Falcons.

Banks drew national attention after a Los Angeles judge overturned his conviction, ending a decade of turmoil that began in 2002 when a classmate accused Banks of rape.

Banks was a 16-year-old rising football at Long Beach Poly Tech when he was accused of raping a classmate back in 2002.

He had a full scholarship to USC at the time, and has always maintained his innocence.

But at the advice of his attorney, he pleaded no contest rather than risk 41 years to life in prison if he was convicted at trial.

Banks served five years in prison and was on parole — living his life as a registered sex offender — when his accuser, Wanetta Gibson, contacted him.

She “friended” Banks on Facebook, saying she wanted to meet and clear the air.

Banks met Gibson at a private investigator’s office — a meeting that was secretly recorded.

Gibson told Banks she had lied. “No,” she was quoted as saying, “he did not rape me.”

Her admission paved the way for Banks’ exoneration.

Brian Banks, the Long Beach football star exonerated of rape charges, joined us live to talk about his ordeal and signing with the Atlanta Falcons.

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