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San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Admits Sexual Harassment

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner issued a public apology Thursday for sexually harassing women, but refused to resign despite emotional pleas from former supporters to step down.

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Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner was sentenced Monday to 90 days in home confinement, three years probation, and a series of fines totaling about $1500 as part of a plea deal.

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File photo of Bob Filner (Credit: Pool via CNN)

The 71-year-old pleaded guilty in October to kissing or grabbing three women at campaign events or at City Hall — one a felony false imprisonment charge, the other two misdemeanor battery charges.

The three women were among 19 who accused him of offensive behavior during his tenure as mayor and as a congressman.

Filner will not serve prison time.

GPS monitoring will track his whereabouts during his confinement. He’ll be allowed to go out for medical and therapy appointments, religious services, and meetings tied to his probation. He’ll also be allowed to leave his apartment but stay within the apartment complex.

“I want to apologize to my family who have stood by me during this ordeal, to my loyal staff and supporters, to the citizens of San Diego, and most sincerely to the women I have hurt and offended,” Filner said in prepared remarks at the start of the hearing.

“To all of you I make the same promise I made to my family: to earn back your trust and my integrity no matter how long it takes and no matter what I have to do. I’ve already started on my path and I am grateful to all those who are helping me.”

But the prosecution said Filner’s behavior harmed the women and the city. Referring to the three women as Jane Does 1, 2, and 3, the state said Filner humiliated, scared, embarrassed, sexualized and devalued them.

Prosecutors also noted that after taking part in two weeks of treatment earlier this year, Filner still denied his crimes “and insisted that he was the victim of a lynch mob.”

Filner’s attorneys said they did not dispute any of the facts stated by the prosecution.

None of the victims chose to be in court for the sentencing.

The felony charge said Filner used force to restrain a woman at a fund-raising event March 6. The misdemeanor charges say he kissed a woman on the lips without her consent at City Hall on April 6 and grabbed a woman’s buttock after she asked to have her picture taken with him at a rally on May 25.

Filner was elected mayor in November 2012 after serving in Congress for 20 years.

After veering between contrition and defiance, he resigned August 30. He offered a “deep apology” but also said he was the victim of the “hysteria of a lynch mob.”

Under the plea deal, which was announced in October, Filner would be prohibited from ever seeking or holding public office again, the attorney general’s office said. Filner also would not be able to vote, serve on a jury or own a firearm while on probation.

Filner also will have to give up pension credit for his time in the mayor’s office after March 6, the date of the first offense.

SAN DIEGO – A day earlier than anticipated, ex-Mayor Bob Filner, who pleaded guilty to three charges of mistreating women, was booked and released Saturday morning at the downtown county jail.


Ex-Mayor Bob Filner takes the oath before pleading guilty on state charges of felony false imprisonment and misdemeanor battery. (John Gibbins / AP / October 15, 2013)

San Diego County Superior Court Judge Robert Trentacosta had ordered that Filner be booked and released Sunday. Instead, the 71-year-old appeared at the jail and was photographed and fingerprinted by 9 a.m.

Filner on Tuesday pleaded guilty to felony false imprisonment and two counts of misdemeanor battery. Prosecutors did not seek to require bail.

Trentacosta ordered a probation report be done before the Dec. 9 sentencing.

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SAN DIEGO (KTLA) Bob Filner announced Friday he will step down as mayor of San Diego effective Aug. 30.

Kacey Montoya reports.

SAN DIEGO (KTLA) — Bob Filner announced Friday he will step down as mayor of San Diego effective Aug. 30.

The announcement came just hours after the San Diego City Council approved an agreement involving a sexual harassment case brought Filner’s former director of communications.


Bob Filner announced Friday he will step down as mayor of San Diego effective Aug. 30. (KTLA News)

The council unanimously approved the deal in a closed session Friday.

At a news conference following the vote, Filner apologized to the residents of San Diego, his former fiancée and the women he was accused of sexually harassing.

“To all the women I offended, I had no intention to be offensive, to violate any physical or emotional space,” Filner said.

But the 70-year-old Democrat stopped short of admitting to any wrongdoing.  He stated that no sexual harassment allegations were proven in court or independently verified.

“I have never sexually harassed anyone,” Filner said.

Filner recently underwent behavioral therapy following the allegations of sexual harassment that first surfaced six weeks ago.

So far, 18 women have come forward to say that Filner acted inappropriately, including businesswoman Dianne York, who revealed Wednesday that Filner put his hands on her buttocks during a photo opportunity after a meeting three months ago.

Once Filner’s resignation becomes effective, current Council President Todd Gloria would become Interim Mayor.

At that time, a special election would be scheduled within 90 days.

L.A. Times contributed to this report.

SAN DIEGO — After six weeks of scandal and demands for his ouster, Mayor Bob Filner has agreed to resign just eight months into his first term as part of a proposed mediation deal reached with city officials over his sexual harassment lawsuit, sources familiar with the negotiations said Thursday.


At least 18 women have publicly accused the 70-year-old Democrat of sexual misconduct, including a former aide who filed a lawsuit seeking damages from the city and Filner.

As more women went public with accusations, public opinion polls showed that a large majority of residents wanted Filner out.

In exchange for his resignation, the city will pay some, if not all, of Filner’s legal fees and his share of any damages awarded in the lawsuit, said the sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. One estimate is that the agreement will cost the city several hundred thousand dollars.

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Businesswoman Dianne York says Filner put his hands on her buttocks during this photo after a meeting in May.

SAN DIEGO (KTLA)  — An agreement was reached Wednesday with embattled San Diego Mayor Bob Filner after three days of mediation, the city attorney told reporters Wednesday.

At a news conference, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said the proposed solution would be presented to the City Council at a closed session.

The council meeting was scheduled for Friday at 1 p.m. at City Hall.

Following that meeting the results would be announced at a public session, Goldsmith said.

Filner recently underwent behavioral therapy following multiple allegations of sexual harassment.

So far, 18 women have come forward to say that Filner acted inappropriately, including businesswoman Dianne York who revealed Wednesday that Filner put his hands on her buttocks during a photo opportunity after a meeting three months ago.



San Diego Mayor Bob Filner

SAN DIEGO — Instead of showing up at City Hall as promised, Mayor Bob Filner was spotted Monday entering a downtown office building, apparently to engage in mediation aimed at settling a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by a former staff member.

After an all-day session, attorney Gloria Allred emerged with her client, Filner’s former director of communications Irene McCormack Jackson, and said only that the mediation was “ongoing” and being supervised by retired federal Judge J. Lawrence Irving.

Also seen entering the building in the morning were City Council President Todd Gloria, a Democrat, and Council President Pro-Tem Kevin Faulconer, the council’s senior Republican. The two are set to meet with City Atty. Jan Goldsmith on Tuesday.

Goldsmith last week said that he expected Filner to either resign or be ousted and that he was working on a potential settlement to the lawsuit that would provide Filner with “an exit.”

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SAN DIEGO (KTLA) — Organizers were gathering signatures on Monday to to get a recall of San Diego Bob Filner on an upcoming ballot.

filner-recallFilner has been accused of sexual harassment by 16 women but has not submitted to several requests that he leave office.

“I voted for him and I’m very, very disgusted,” recall volunteer Paula Jacob said.

Meanwhile, about 50 people turned out at a rally in support of Filner on Monday.

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