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Things Stuck Where They Shouldn’t Be

nail-gun-killerAmazing stories and pictures of common items that somehow end up where they shouldn’t be.

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CLEARWATER, Fla. — While Ty reclined drowsily in the back of Vernon Yates’ white pickup, about a dozen reporters and photographers stood less than 2 feet from his open cage, snapping photos of him – and of themselves, standing within inches of the 400-pound Siberian tiger.

The tiger looked thin, and the man who’d been caring for the 17-year-old cat since he was a cub worried if Ty would make it through the day.

Yates noticed something was wrong about two weeks ago. Ty was sluggish and not eating. Yates hand-fed him for days, but he could only get him to swallow three to five pounds of meat a day, rather than the 10 to 15 pounds he normally eats.

Neither ultrasounds nor X-rays provided a clear image of what was in Ty’s stomach. So veterinarian Brian Luria broke out an endoscope. “It looked like a giant ball of hair,” he said. As is turned out, a four pound hairball.

The same kind of hairball all cats get, only too big for Ty to cough up.  In the wild, a big cat in Ty’s situation wouldn’t have made it, Luria said.

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BIALYSTOK, Poland — A 25-year old man is recovering after having a screwdriver removed from his head.

The accident happened when the man was tending his garden.

He slipped and fell on the screwdriver face-first.

It got jammed two inches into his forehead, above the right eye.

A neighbor took him to the hospital where he underwent a three-hour surgery to remove the screwdriver.

Doctors said he did not have any major eye or brain damage… And will fully recover.

NEW BOSTON, NH (KTLA) — It took a team of 50 doctors to remove a pencil jammed into the brain of a 19-month old girl.

The toddler was coloring when she apparently fell off her chair while holding one of the pencils.

The orange-colored pencil pierced the girl’s eye, lodging 5.5 inches into her brain.

pencil-brainOlivia was airlifted to to Children’s Hospital in Boston.

“The pencil entered over the right eye and literally crossed the brain to the back next to the left ear,” said Dr. Darren Orbach, neurointerventionalist.

Miraculously the pencil didn’t puncture anything vital, but Olivia suffered three strokes during the ordeal.

She is expected to make a full recovery.

heart-nailBUENOS AIRES, Argentina — A teenager is recovering after having a 3 inch nail removed from his heart.

The 19-year old was accidentally shot with a nail gun by a while working as a carpenter.

He had been working at a wooden pallet factory when he was injured by a co-worker.

The teenager is expected to recover.

WELLINGTON, Kan. (KTLA) — Doctors examining a 7-month-old baby thought the infant had a swollen gland, but it turned out to be something very different.

A feather began to poke out of the baby’s cheek.

The child’s parents took her to the hospital and doctors initially prescribed antibiotics, but the swelling never came down.

On a second visit, a doctor noticed the feather protruding from the little girl’s cheek and pulled it out.

Physicians believe the girl swallowed or inhaled the feather, which apparently pierced the inside of her cheek.

They say the infant was in good condition and the swelling would go down on its own.

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Fire crews had to cut away iron bars from a fence to rescue a man who had impaled himself on them.

The man was intoxicated when he and another man tried to climb over a wall outside a Hollywood Hills home, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

One of the men got over the wall okay, however, the other man got stuck on an iron fence on the other side of the wall.

Police say there was no crime involved.

It appears they were just wanting to “get a nice view of the city” according to police.

Los Angeles City Fire was called to the home on Sierra Alta way just after midnight.

They were able to separate the man from the fence by cutting the iron bars.

The unidentified victim, a male in his 20′s, was transported to a local hospital.

He is expected to survive.

spider-earDoctors made a nightmarish discovery in the ear of a woman complaining of an itchy sensation.

To the surprise, and no doubt, horror of all, doctor found that a spider had crawled inside the woman’s ear canal and lived there for five days.

The woman, referred to only as Ms. Lee, arrived at China’s Changsha Central Hospital of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery on Aug. 8, according to RedNet News.

Doctor’s say it appears the spider had crawled into Ms. Lee’s ear while she slept.

But how to get it out?

The medical staff decided to flush the spider out with a saline solution, fearing that a more direct approach to removing it might make the spider burrow even deeper.

nail-gun-killerSYDNEY, Australia — Police are appealing to the public for help in solving the gruesome killing of a Chinese man who was shot 34 times in the head and neck with a nail gun before being dumped in a river.

Chen Liu’s badly decomposed body was found in Sydney on Nov. 1, about two weeks after a friend reported him missing, but police have yet to say whether they’ve identified any suspects.

New South Wales state police on Friday asked the public to provide any information they may have about the case, releasing graphic X-ray images of the 27-year-old’s skull to highlight the brutality of the crime.

“In 36 years, I’ve never seen a murder of this nature,” Homicide Squad Superintendent Geoff Beresford told reporters.

“It’s a particularly brutal and vicious murder and hence the reason we are seeking information from the public.”

The 34 nails were found during a post-mortem examination of Liu’s body, and were located mainly in his skull.

They were fired from an 85 mm nail gun at close range, Beresford said. Police have not recovered the weapon.

“We certainly believe the nail gun is responsible for the death — there’s no doubt about that,” he said.

Police believe he was killed 12 days before his corpse was discovered.

Police are investigating associates of Liu, who also went by the name Anthony Liu, but said they have no evidence to suggest he was linked to any criminal group.

They refused to say whether they’ve identified any suspects or persons of interest.

Liu arrived in the city of Melbourne on a student visa from China in early 2000 and moved to Sydney, where he married for a short time and separated, police said.

They declined to release any additional information about him, including whether any of his family members are living in Australia.

lego-nose via CNN

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH — Doctor’s treating a boy with severe sinus problems made a bizarre discovery.

After years of suffering from a variety of sinus issues, an observant doctor noticed something strange in 6-year old Isaak Lasson’s nose.

Isaak seemed to have a foreign body up his nose, according to Utah’s <a href=”; target=”_blank”></a>.

“I put some spaghetti up there, but that was a long time ago,” Isaak told the doctor.

It turned out to be a ball of fungus encasing a flexible <runtime:topic id=”HOC587″>LEGO</runtime:topic> tire.

“We think he bent it in half — it’s pretty flexible — and that it opened up once it got into his sinuses,” Isaak’s father told reporters.

Craig Lasson said since the LOGO was removed, Isaak’s appetite is better, he has more energy and is sleeping soundly.

“It’s just one of those weird things,” Lasson told reporters.