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Beyond Beleif- Jenna Miscavige Hill

Jenna Miscavige Hill talked about her new book “Beyond Belief – My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape”. 

 The former classmates of Castile Canyon School share their stories.

The Church Of Scientology response to Jenna Miscavige Hill:

February 19, 2013

The Church will not discuss private matters involving Ms. Hill, nor any of the efforts to exploit Mr. Miscavige’s name.

We note that recollections in Ms. Hill’s book about her schooling are dramatically at odds with the recollections of 30 of her classmates. Their personal memories describe the exact same school at the exact same time as an idyllic summer camp and boarding school-like environment with a swimming pool, basketball courts, football fields, horse stables, citrus orchards and organic gardens as well as facilities to study academics and the arts. These former classmates have gone on to further the Church’s social and humanitarian goals, to enjoy successful careers of their own and to start families. Far from expressing inconveniences, annoyances and bitterness, they describe experiences leading to lifelong friendships while obtaining an educational and spiritual foundation that continues to enrich their lives today. Because they have been frustrated that Ms. Hill has been making the same complaints for years to the media, they wanted to share their stories at

The Church has long respected the family unit while accommodating and helping those raising children. The Church does not engage in any activities that mistreat, neglect or force children to engage in manual labor. The Church follows all laws with respect to children. Claims to the contrary are false. It should be noted that Ms. Hill as an adult voluntarily chose to continue in the Church’s religious order. However, those who successfully devote themselves to any rigorous religious order do so with full commitment, without any sense of entitlement and without any expectation of preferential treatment. Those who decide a religious order isn’t for them are free to move on with their lives, as Ms. Hill did. Every religion has its detractors; there is no faith that can satisfy everyone’s spiritual needs.

The Church of Scientology was never contacted by Ms. Hill, her publisher, nor her ghost writer at any time during the preparation of the manuscript. Had they done so, the Church would have been able to correct the many documented factual errors contained in it. Revisionist histories are typical of apostate behavior and tabloid tales should always be taken with an enormous grain of salt. The real story on the Scientology religion, its beliefs and practices can be found at

Karin Pouw
Church of Scientology International

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Beyond Beleif- Jenna Miscavige Hill

Jenna Miscavige Hill talked about her new book “Beyond Belief – My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape”.