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PowerGrind Pro Longevity Juicer

The NEW PowerGrind Pro Vitality and Longevity Juicers are the only juicers that use a hybrid technology and offer 3 settings in one machine – juicing for fruits, juicing for vegetables AND milking. No other juicer on the market can give you all three. These juicers recently launched in Kohl’s stores and other retailers nationwide, just in time for summer!

Retail Value: $449 (On sale right now at Kohl’s for LTO at $299.99)

PowerGrind Pro Juicers are the most advanced technology juicers available anywhere.  They are the only combination juicers that offer extracting, grinding and milking in easy, single steps.  That means you can extract all of the vitamin and mineral rich juices from vegetables and fruits; you can grind peanuts, hazelnuts, pistachios or oats, wheat and soy; and you can actually milk almonds and other nuts, grains and seeds to create really delicious, healthy drinks.  These are the only home juicers today that make soy and nut milks. 

The new PowerGrind Pros are way more efficient than other juicers when working with leafy green vegetables and they generate as much as 30 percent more nutrient dense juice for every ounce of produce.         

These new juicers have very special features and with their double feed chute, two ingredients can be inserted at the same time.  The PowerGrind Pros deliver the raw juice power of a slow juicer and they preserve more nutrients and enzymes.  You get more juice and stretch your produce dollar further. 

And these amazing juicers are incredibly easy to clean, dishwasher safe and totally PBA free.  Jay Kordich has been the most trusted name in juicing for more than 60 years and for you watching at home, you can find his PowerGrind Pro Juicers at Kohl’s and as well as at other retailers.  Check them out online at 

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