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In Simi Valley, 2 elementary school boys decided to bring a pair of toy guns to school.

They looked very realistic.

So much so, that another student saw the 9 and 10 year-olds with the airguns on his schoolbus.

He told authorities once he arrived at Santa Susana Elementary.

Police came and confiscated the toy guns.

The two students have been suspended.

Student Toy GunsSIMI VALLEY (KTLA) – Two elementary students in Simi Valley have been suspended for bringing toy guns to school.

The Simi Valley Police Department received a 911 call Tuesday  8:12 a.m. of a student with a possible gun at Santa Susana Elementary located at 4300 Apricot Road.

During the investigation it was determined that two elementary school students, ages 9 and 10, had both brought an air-soft type handguns on the school bus.  Another student saw the devices on the bus and notified school authorities.

Officer said the toy guns the students had in their possession were very realistic in appearance, and could easily have been mistaken as real handguns.

Officers said the children meant no harm and their parents had no idea that their kids brought the toy guns to school.

The students have been suspended.