Innovative Car Tech at L.A. Auto Show 2012

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Car buying decisions are changing; Good looks are still important, but what’s inside really counts. And at this year’s LA Auto Show, technology is competitive.

Car companies are quickly realizing that customers want useful technology that’s easy.

“Quality used to be about squeaks and rattles, horse power, reliability,” said David Kiley, Editor-in-Chief of AOL Autos. “Now the frontier of competition is how well the car integrates with your smartphone.”

There has been more collaboration between automakers and big name technology groups. Chevy is the first to use Siri in cars and Sprint hopes to power dashboards everywhere with its new in-car internet platform-velocity.

“Automakers make cars very well. Sprint knows wireless communications and consumer experience very well. Sprint Velocity is meshing it all together for the consumer in the car,” said Tim Johnson from Sprint Velocity.

Other automakers are following suit: Audi uses the best mapping software out there for their maps and Chrysler’s Uconnect lets you unlock your car with your iPhone — handy if you leave your keys inside.

Outside of the car, filling tires on new Nissans is a no brainer; they honk and blink the headlights when the pressure is right.

Altogether, it’s a great time for cars. They last longer than they ever have, and technology integration should allow drivers to be less distracted on the road.

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