What shows are airing on The CW Network?

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The CW Network makes all programming decisions regarding their programs.   The CW Network programming airs Monday through Friday at 3:00p-4:00pm and 8:00p-10:00pm and Saturday mornings at 7:00a-12:00noon. The CW decides what day of the week and the time their shows will air.  They also decide whether they will renew or cancel a program.  The stations that carry CW programming have no input into these decisions.  If you are unhappy with The CW’s decision, you can write to them directly at feedback@cwtv.com and let them know.


MONDAYS: 8p Breaking Pointe

TUESDAYS: 8p Whose Line Is It Anyway?; 830p Whose Line Is It Anyway?; 9p Capture

FRIDAYS: 8p Perfect Score; 830p Perfect Score; 9p America’s Next Top Model: Guys and Girls

The CW announced their 2013/2014 schedule:

MONDAYS: 8p Hart of Dixie; 9p Beauty And The Beast

TUESDAYS: 8p The Originals; 9p Supernatural

WEDNESDAYS: 8p Arrow, 9p The Tomorrow People

THURSDAYS: 8p The Vampire Diaries; 9p Reign

FRIDAYS: 8p The Carrie Diaries; 9p America’s Next Top Model



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  • A strong female

    I am very disappointed about the cancelling of Emily Owens, MD. I found the program to be very entertaining and refreshing. I also thought the scripts were cleverly written. What a shame. It was a family show without the sex and vulgarity which is hard to find. The show reminded me of a show long passed with Calisa Flockhart which also had an internal monolog. The name of the program also was titled with a female name. It was called 'Ally McBeal'. It is a pitty that 'Emily Owens, MD' was cancelled. I also like 'Harry's Law' with Cathy Bates. What is happening here? Basically I don't watch commercial TV because of all the garbage that is passsing as programs. M.

  • Dianne W

    I agree, I think the networks make big, big mistakes when they cancel good family entertainment. I would hope this is not a done deal or if it is, maybe one of the cable channels will pick it up. I mostly watch USA, TBS, SYFY, A&E, LIFE, to name a few.
    Good quality TV is hard to find anymore and obviously your station wouldn't know good tv if it came up and bit you.

    Shame, Shame

  • I care . . .

    I too agree. We need a departure from the menu of gratuitous violence and sex fed to us daily on TV. I believe that the more guns, blood, violence, sex etc. portrayed on TV, the more we're going to see in our daily lives. People become jaded to the seedy side of life when they should be appalled by it and TV is a venue that has the power to change this trend – they started it didn't they? Emily Owens is a bright spot, a relief, and proves that TV can be good and worthwhile watching without the violence we've unfortunately become accustomed to viewing. We need more shows that appeal to women. It's very difficult to find wholesome shows; shows that make me feel good and say something intelligent, wise, maybe even profound. I want to be entertained, not repulsed!

  • Brenda A. cruz

    WHY??????? I love this program . do we need more programs full of trash (sex, drugs, violence) . I love this program . I always look forward to see what is going to happen next week . It is fun , dorky , and Emily character is a good model for all the girls to follow and be inspire . She works hard at what she does , she is not shallow, show real human caring for her peers . I have watched the other programs ,"beauty and the beast" , "arrow" ,the someone diary 's and the pure trash . what is wrong with people????? no more family programs . JUST TRASH , WE ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH WITH ALL THE REALITY SHOWS. we want something we can really enjoy and have fun with the family without worrying about the violence or or sex or drugs . I AM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED WITH CHANEL FIVE AND WE SHOULD BOYCOTT CHANEL FIVE .

  • Anne W

    This is typical of the network's decision. A really good and fun show to watch gets cancelled; yet we get more and more of the blood and guts, sex, and doom and gloom — just what we need DON'T NEED in our lives. Oh well, I'm down to 4-5 shows that I'm still watching; otherwise my tv is turned off and I read. Sorry Emily Owens, M.D. fell into the big dark hole. I really enjoyed the show and never missed an episode. I'm finished with the CW — it's no better than the rest in its programming decision.

  • Aubrey

    This was a great show with intelligent humor and wholesome entertainment. Why must we be subjected to the usual crappy shows when Emily Owens MD offered a welcome, and much needed breath of fresh air!? Sorry CW, this show was your last chance for our family. We cancel you.
    Too bad for this was a great show.

  • Crystal

    I'm very disappointed . To be honest Emily Owens is my favorite show and it's sad that a program that I could watch with my family has canceled. I also watched Arrow, and the vampire diary but they all contain violence, sex and revenge. I don't need that!
    I agree with Aubrey, CW you are out of my television, laptop and my family.

    Goodbye CW

  • Tina

    I'm disappointed too!!! I really liked that show and thought the story line was good and there was not a lot of the sex and violence which is refreshing for change. There were good short stories too about the different characters and patients in the hospital. Please rethink this, it's a great show!! and good actors.

  • Maria

    I cant believe that CW cancelled this fun, family show. I agree, this was one of my favorites. I was also giving you a chance to come back to CW, but Im tired of all the crap. You think Supernatural is a better show?. Thats so wrong!. I really hope you dont cancell it. We need this kind of shows more.

  • leslie

    I think that you are right it was a wholesome show as far as sex is concerned and it is very hard to find shows without it these days. I am a mother of two and there is not alot I can have on my tv these days. I started watching Emily Owens because of another show I use to watch with her in it that only lasted one season and it WAS a wholesome show. I stopped watching Emily Owens because in evey episode they had to dicuss her gay friend and like I said I have two kids and I am against perverting relationships and marriage. There are several shows this season I have had to stop watching because of this. I know mine is not the popular vote but I beleive old shcool. I was very sad to have to give Emily Owens up.

  • Celia Navarro

    I agree with all the comments so much dissapointment with the Emily Owens MD cancelation! I was looking forward for next week every week for the show!!!!! I Cancel the CW

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