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Best Tablets for Kids

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By: Rich DeMuro
Dec. 14, 2012

Tablets are one of the top gifts this holiday season and there are many made just for kids.

Here are our top picks of kid-friendly tablets that are fun and safe.

LeapPad 2 and the Vtech MobiGo 2 are for the youngest in the family. Both are simple–ages 3 to 8–take double A batteries and don’t directly connect to the Internet. Kids will love the LeapPad’s front and back cameras. The LeapPad is $100 and the MobiGo is $50.

On paper, the Tabeo from Toys R Us has a lot to like. It’s pre-loaded with 50 educational and entertaining apps. But in person, it’s laggy and the screen is blurry.

The Tabeo costs $150 and is for ages 5 and up–let’s hope the second version will be better.

On the flip side, we were totally impressed with the Nabi 2. It’s Android based operating system is fast and optimized for little fingers. It comes pre-loaded with useful apps, has a front facing camera and a rubber bumper you can personalize. The Nabi is $200 for ages 4 and up.

Our other top pick is Amazon’s new Kindle Freetime Unlimted. For $3 to $5 a month. Kids get access to books, apps, games and videos. They also get their own profiles so parents can use the same kindle–if it isn’t covered in applesauce.

One catch for the Fire, you have to be on Wifi for the free TV shows and movies to stream. Otherwise you can pay to download them. The Kindle Fire starts at $159.

Apple’s new iPad mini is an alternative to the Kindle Fire, but just be sure to tweak the parental settings.

Finally the MG from Play MG is basically the Android equivalent of an iPod touch. It comes with a prepaid debit card so parents can give kids a spending allowance. Plus it takes memory cards so teens can store movies and tv shows. M-g is 170 dollars, the back plate kept falling off on our unit.

For more information to the all the tablets mentioned, visit

LeapPad2 –
MobiGo2 –
Tabeo –
Nabi 2 –
Kindle Fire –
iPad Mini –
MG –

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