Woman Tasered for Buying Too Many iPhones?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NASHUA, N.H. (KTLA) — A woman was tasered after trying to buy one too many iPhones at an Apple store at a mall in New Hampshire.

Xiaojie Li, 44, a mother of two from Newton, Mass., spoke to reporters with her 12-year-old daughter translating from Chinese.

“So my mom says she don’t know why they called police becasue she doesn’t understand what they are talking about,” the girl said.

Video posted on YouTube doesn’t show how the incident at the Pheasant Lane Mall started.

It shows Xiaojie already on the floor, with two police officers on top of her. You can hear the electric crackle of the taser gun and Xiaojie screams.

Xiaojie says that, last Friday, she bought two iPhones and was told that was the limit.

When she took video of others she claimed were buying more than two phones, the store manager asked her to leave.

She then ordered two more iPhones online and went back to the store. Police say the store had issued a stay-away order.

“So then the police took my mom’s phone and tried to take my mom’s bag,” her daughter said. “My mom tried to ask them why, and they just throw her on the ground.”

After being tasered and handcuffed, Xiaojie was charged with trespassing and resisting arrest. She is due in court in January.

“So my mom is really upset about what they did and so it’s a free country and she just took a picture of what she think they did wrong,” her daughter said.

Apple previously had a purchase limit of two phones per customer, but it was lifted earlier this month.

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  • Kimberly

    Smh…lawsuit!! She did nothing wrong Racial profiling.. a big name store I used to work at did the same thing cause each time a phone was on sale he would buy it.. For his store..but that video should be used in court and get every penny out of apple as well as the police!! If you got Spanish interpreters why not other??

  • Zev

    This is a very good example of police brutality. Xiaojie only questioned a miscommunication in a sales event; she did not intentionally defy a clearly understandable enforcement of law which would be expected to be known by anyone as a rule among common societal behaviors.

    Also, it is demeaning to the commercial relations between the United States and China. This can create cause for objections to trade between nations.

    • Dan

      "Xiaojie only questioned a miscommunication in a sales event; she did not intentionally defy a clearly understandable enforcement of law which would be expected to be known by anyone as a rule among common societal behaviors. " You say this like you were there.

    • wkenddad

      No that's a really good example of why you should speak english!
      The store had a sty away order – This is usually issued by a Court
      If that is true she violated teh law the moment she arrived.

  • Captain Dyno

    This is one of the more ridiculous news stories I've read recently. They had to use a Taser on someone who might buy too many products from Apple? What, were they afraid that she just might be benefiting the Apple Empire too much?
    I don't think very highly of tort law, but I hope she sues Apple, the mall she was at, and the police officers who saw it necessary to use such grievously excessive force on her. I hope she wins.

    • Sutter

      Despite the headline, and your inability to read, she wasn't tasered for trying to buy too many hones. She was ordered to leave once, came back, despite a stay way order, and then (possibly) refused to leave (that part is unclear right now). You make it sound like she simply asked to buy more phones and thus was tasered. She was told the rule, and apparently understand it well enough to say others were buying more ("All the other kids were doing it," is what we'd hear in school), and got into an argument.

  • jim whitemarsh

    if you own apple stock you better sell. If you own stock that restricts sales, especially at Christmas time then you need a new CEO and Jim Whitemarsh is available

  • Johnny

    Are you people out of your damn minds! Wake the hell up! The United States is a damn police state! That woman was damn lucky they shot her with a taiser instead of their 9mm's. That recently happened here in Ohio. Cleveland police shot a man and a woman almost fifty times. Their crime? They ran from the police. Cleveland claimed they had a gun. They didn't. That woman should have gone somewhere else and bought her damn phones. If she's got an ounce of brains in her head she will stay the hell away from that damn store and thus the damn police! She should stay her non english speaking ass away from situations that will bring the damn law down on her ass! Freedom! Hah! There's no such damn thing!

    • Sutter

      A police state? I'm going to guess you haven't traveled much. Ever been to Russia, China, etc., etc. Those are real police states. You don't hae to excuse anything in the U.S. to know that overusing terms like police state is bad. Your solution?

      • guest

        Sutter, You've never been out of your mother basement. What do you know about Russia and China ect, ect? You are a dumb**** closet racist. Why don't you come out and play.

  • Charles Liu

    Kellan, the question you should ask is why was the Pheasant Lane Mall Apple Store racial profiling their customers.

    Here are the facts 1) Apple had liftedd the two phone limit for the holidays (I verified this with Apple Customer Relations as well as the NH store manager; 2) Li was told there was a two phone limit and was refused purchase; 3) when she took photos of other customers buying 3+ phones they called the cops on her and she was tased in the process.

    This is a pretty clear case of discrimination IMHO.

  • The Bear

    There is more to this story than what is written in the article. The taser was brought out due to the lady resisting and spitting on the officers. She kept it up after they asked her not to. It's the old saying "Do whatever the police tell you to do" ask questions later.

    • Dan

      Agreed. Like it or not, Apple has the right to withhold merchandise from anyone they want. They also have the right to ban them from their stores. You can say what you want about a need for greater cultural sensitivity or more reserved behavior by law enforcement personnel, but resisting the police is asking for trouble.

        • Dan

          Who said anything about racial discrimination? Based on the information we have, we can't turn this into a race situation. The police were enforcing an existing stay away order, which seems to have been based on a previous incident. Under these circumstances the guarantee of goods "without discrimination or segregation on the ground of race, color, religion, or national origin" is moot.

          • copsrscummmm

            Bottomline, COPS BEAT more minorities then white. Come out of your racist closet. Most racist never admit that they are racist even the some KKK thinks they are not racist.

  • Charles Liu

    BTW, NY AG's Human Rights Bureau investigated Apple Store's discrimination against Asian customers in the past. Appearantly this abuse has not changed.

  • CBP

    She did not obey the police and was tased… people made Apple the big cheese they are today. Apple also under-stocks their products to increase demand.

  • patrick soung

    Who ever made that comment typical stupied asian is fucking ass wipe. There is more asian going college than other race n thanks to asian spending millioon dollars is saving american . American is heavy debt into trillioon dollars to china. How is big company like apple be stupied as over act to asian lady. .can find way work out with asian lady . Wow stupied is 2 cops teaser asian lady when 2 cops was top of her can not control her. Asian lady need find good lawyer sued apple n 2 cops.

  • lb562

    Who ever the fuck u are, to say “stupid asian lady”, what the fuck are u? I bet u dont even have an education. I agree with the other person that said there are more asian americans in college than they are in any other race

  • lucky110

    If I were to enter a tmobile store, speaking german and attempted to buy 100 android phones, the yiddish speaking salesperson would give me as many as I had the money for. I see the problem here. She is a sheeple buying an inferior product with uneducated employees who refused to speak to the daughter, whom, from the sound of this report, knows english….


      Maybe store manager mistook the daughter for one of the underage worker they hired. Cops are scum as always. APPLE like to be dictator like cops. And yet isheeps are there to support CRAPPLE.

  • scott

    sigh for people not knowing anything…there is a huge demographic of chinese people buying phones illegally using stolen SN numbers. that is why she was asked to leave…..

    Apple did the right thing to ask her to leave…