Calls for Gun Control in Wake of Newtown Shootings

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • JG10

    Gun's are a 2nd Amendment right for the US Citizens. Guns do not kill, people kill. Laws are NOT going to stop criminals, they will get their guns no matter what. There are far more guns in homes in the US more then crimes with guns. These laws are only going to affect good citizens who do the right thing, they practice gun safety and only use them for home security, range shooting, or for hunting. Good Luck taking my guns away!

  • Steve P. Cole

    Let's put our time, efforts, research and money in mental health. There is NOTHING! Put VIOLENCE control on video games. Numerous signs of violence go unattended.

  • Michael Wilson

    America MUST return to what made our nation great, and that is God! Like an airplane taking us to a destination, the criminal is also a vehicle for such an evil deed. On the same day, 22 children were also attacked by a knife wielding maniac in China. Did we read about that? It's not the gun that is the criminal. It's the evil behind the gun. Media MUST start to take blame for their allowances of violence which is seen on television, film, and at home in the form of video games. Senator Feinstein, pull your head out of the sand, and focus your attention on media, and the sickness it feeds in our society. "The nation that repents, shall be saved!"

    • Nargle Blain

      God, really. I am a man of science. evolution not creation. It comes down to health care for mentally ill people not prayer you buffoon. You are the reason we have gun control groups and not groups set up to advocate gun responsibility. . Blame the government for cutting health care and education rather then gun owners. Did you see this type of violence 30-40 years ago? NO! Get your head out of the middle ages.

  • robert3881

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  • wonderlion

    Criminal to not give a rats ass about gun control. Think about it. It a criminal was willing to follow they law then he would not be committing the crime in the first place. The only people that will follow the gun control law are the ones who already follow the law. More gun control will not stop criminals from shooting people the same as drug laws have not stopped the druggies from making their own drugs

  • mark

    if it werent for guns there'd be 1000 x more killings everyday!…WHY DOESNT KTLA DO NEWS STORIES ABOUT THESE ILLEGAL ALIEN MEXICANS DOING 90% OF THE CRIME IN SOCAL?….WONDER WHY THAT IS?

  • Paul

    Why does everyone feel that "gun control" has to mean, taking away all your gun rights? Gun control does not have to include taking away a gun to protect yourself, a gun for hunting or a gun for target practice.What else is the use for an assault rifle except for killing a lot of people? Self protection yes, assault rifles no!

  • Mark

    Mental Health control? And who owns those definitions? The same people who create the DSM-5 reference? How long do you think it would be until "sleepless" becomes defined as a reason to void your constitutional rights? Not just the 2nd amendment – but any or all of your rights. And yes Paul – control means systematically decreasing rights. And do you seriously think we haven't learned what this means when governments fail or martial law of any kind is imposed – regardless of the reason? These events have ALWAYS been used throughout history to justify search and seizure. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! Deal with the CAUSE, not the symptoms. Take care of the people FIRST, or don't claim to be a victim after something happens. Lack of attentive care for an individual human has nothing to do with guns. Look after other people with kindness Paul, and quit being an idiot. You CANNOT blame others for your inattention and laziness.

    • Paul

      You are very narrow minded Mark! You see blank and white…not grays! Taking away assault rifles will not lead to loosing your gun rights. There are a lot of weapons out there that are illegal to own, do you make a stink about them? If an assault rifle was called an assault pea shooter, you would think nothing of it being illegal. You are not alone in fighting to keep your rights to bear arms so don't worry about loosing them….just get real about what it takes to protect yourself.