Last Ditch Effort to Save Henry’s Tacos in NoHo

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (KTLA) — We’ve heard of “sit-ins,” “love-ins” and those sorts of demonstrations, but now, you can add “taco-in” to the list.

The taco faithful lined up for blocks in the rain Sunday afternoon to show their support for a 51-year-old North Hollywood culinary institution.

Hundreds of people, including celebrities George Lopez, Adam Carolla and Elijah Wood, gathered at Henry’s Tacos, which may have to close by the end of the year.

Fans have been flocking to the self-proclaimed “tacky taco stand” for decades, but now a dispute between the business owner and property owner may force it to close its doors.

Owner Janis Hood said her landlord has raised her rent, and she can’t afford to keep the business going.

“I believe that the landlord objected to my nominating the structure for historical monument status last year in honor of our 50th anniversary,” Hood said.

“At that time he would not renew my lease and he did raise the rent 50 percent,” she continued.

Hood also said that the landlord will not discuss the possibility of selling the property to her.

“I’m hoping that perhaps this response might make him re-think his position,” she said on Sunday.


More than 4,400 people have signed a petition to “Save Henry’s,” but Hood says the business will likely close on December 31.

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  • mimi

    what a flop author. how could you NOT mention aaron paul? he was the one celeb who spearheaded this event and stood outside in the rain for HOURS. george lopez wasnt even there, he was at an event in AZ. he did buy everyones tacos for one hour so that was great of him but you fail to mention any of this in the article.

  • BobF

    So let me get this straight – the RENTER of this place takes it on herself to apply for historical monument status, even though she does not own the property, which would put restrictions on what the OWNER of the property can do…and the owner essentially wants her out of there? Anyone else see something wrong in this picture? Ms. Hood's enormous ego demands that her family business be saved in perpetuity ("in honor of our 50th anniversary") so the person who actually owns the joint will never be able to sell it or build an apartment on it or make a park out of it or anything.

    Oh, wait, but celebrities like eating tacos there! Well, THAT makes all the difference! Let's have more people who have no financial stake in property decide for the owners what is best for them!

  • Angie

    This is funny to me! One she is not the owner and two their food is over priced and sucks. Sounds more like the renter is going BK. With this last ditch effort maybe she will be able to make the rent or move!

  • kim979

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  • Amanda

    I know it's been there for forever, but the food is really gross, and the place isn't very clean either, maybe now's a good time to go out with a bang.

    • BobF

      No, what matters is the owner of the property doesn't want to be blackmailed into having to keep the place as-is. If Henry's owned their own place, this would be a non-issue. Nobody is holding a gun to the owner's head and forcing them to stay – there are plenty of commercial spaces open within a short distance – but her massive ego demands that because they've been in business 50 years (an impressive statistic) they deserve to dictate to the property owner what can be done to the property they don't own.
      She admitted she can't afford to pay what the owner wants, so this is her way to attempt to use political means to achieve her end.

      • ChuckB

        You are right. As a renter she can't apply the property for LA historic monument status–she has no right to do that. She was trying to tie the owner's hands permanently as to what he could do with his own property. Now, as you say, she is using the media and political pressure to get the owner to change his mind.

  • BobF

    If the important celebrities all love Henry's so much, why don't they pool their massive financial resources and simply buy the place and give it to Ms. Hood?

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