Sen. Feinstein to Introduce Gun Control Bill

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


WASHINGTON – Two days after the shooting deaths of 26 people at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school, Sen. Dianne Feinstein pledged Sunday that she would introduce new gun-control legislation at the beginning of next year’s congressional session.

“It [the bill] will ban the sale, the transfer, the transportation and the possession,” the California senator said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “Not retroactively, but prospectively. And it will ban the same for big clips, drums or strips of more than 10 bullets.”

Feinstein said the purpose of her proposal, a version of the assault-weapons ban that expired in 2004, is to get “weapons of war off the streets of our cities.”

Officials have said that most of those killed in Friday’s massacre — a toll that included 20 children — were shot with a semiautomatic assault-style rifle.

Feinstein has been at the forefront of gun-control efforts nationally. The assault weapons ban that she pushed followed mass killings in a Stockton schoolyard and in a San Francisco office tower.

Feinstein was also at San Francisco City Hall in 1978 when Supervisor Dan White killed Mayor George Moscone and fellow Supervisor Harvey Milk.

Feinstein saw White flee their offices and found Milk, memorably saying afterward that when she felt for a pulse, her finger slipped into a bullet hole.

Feinstein, then the head of the Board of Supervisors, became mayor upon Moscone’s death.

She declined to comment when asked whether President Obama has failed to lead on the issue of gun control but did add that her bill would give him a vehicle to oppose assault weapons.

Although Obama has spoken generally in the past about the need to lessen gun violence, his administration has not said how he will proceed.

The president was due to speak at a memorial service in Newtown on Sunday night.

“As a country, we have been through this too many times. Whether it’s an elementary school in Newtown, or a shopping mall in Oregon, or a temple in Wisconsin, or a movie theater in Aurora, or a street corner in Chicago — these neighborhoods are our neighborhoods, and these children are our children,” Obama said in an address Friday. “And we’re going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics.”

-Los Angeles Times

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  • sailbyme

    Good luck with that. Always a good idea to take away guns from people that did nothing. I have a better idea, how about no cuts to mental health and let's ID the crazies.

    • mrph

      Because God forbid you let them buy their children first Diana. You're salivating at the opportunity you see. More control. More laws. I don't ever want to hear you complain about the Patriot Act when you are trying to shove this down our throats 3 DAYS after this massacre.

    • LWW

      Been reading over that law and here are a couple of the nice parts. If you own an assault weapon which according to this stupid law could be mostly anything including the M1 Carbine and 22 rifle with a clip when you die that firearm goes to the government to be destroyed. By the way you will have to pay a $200 fee, be fingerprinted and photoed in order to keep the weapon. Also you can not sell it to some one else.
      Sorry you CA Liberal I don't think we here in GA will comply with your stupid law if it were to pass. End of story.

    • Sandy

      You really should do a little more in depth research before posting half truths. True, Sen. Feinstein did carry a handgun before she was the mayor of S.F. She was the target of a terrorist group and her home was riddled w/bullets. In 1978, then Mayor Harvey Milk was shot and killed and she became mayor. A city wide ban was placed on concealed weapons. She turned her handgun in and had it melted down (with 14 other guns) into a cross which she presented to the Pope.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, pushing more gun legislation will defineitly “take guns of war off our (streets)”, that’s a really good idea, we should make meth and cocaine illegal as well! Brilliant!

    Make laws, and the only ones affected are law abiding citizens. Criminals will brake the laws, because that is, in fact what a criminal is, somebody who breaks laws. An event such as this should not suddenly spark this overwhelming interest to hypocritically infringe on citizens right to bear arms, when in fact those very citizens are a route to prevent events like this from occurring. Please, take a moment and write something on this issue. Whether you believe in owning guns or not, please leave me to make that same choice, and not make it for me.

    • FastRX8

      That's the same argument I always use. If you think passing a law against guns will stop criminals, let's think bigger. Let's just make 1 law for everyone that says it's illegal to murder. I mean, if all that's missing is a law to stop the criminals from committing crimes w/ a gun, let's just head them off and make all murder illegal, then they won't bother getting guns since they can't kill people anyways because it's against the law.

  • BJC

    Gun laws will violate EVERYONES constitutional rights. Institutionalizing people with ANY mental illness
    will violate only a relative few persons constitutional rights.
    Go for it.

      • Libertarian

        You might want to refresh your history. The concept of denying freedoms to the few for the good of the many has been used as justification by evil dictators for at least 150 years. Does this also apply to gay rights or other civil rights where a small group requires protection?

  • Nick

    People like this senator make me SICK!!! If she really cared about gun control she would have tried to pass a bill long before 20 children died. Congress needs to start being proactive instead of reactive.

  • BobF

    This is a tragedy, for sure, but the good Senator is just voicing a typical knee-jerk reaction from the nanny-state side: let's outlaw the guns! And has been pointed out already, this does nothing for the criminal side.

    Meanwhile, 10,000+ people die a year by drunk drivers – so let's outlaw booze! Oh, wait – they tried that once before, didn't they – Prohibition didn't end up working so well. And that shooter in Aurora, CO who killed the theater-goers – he rigged his entire apartment with explosives, which also wouldn't fall under the noble Ms. Feinstein's law. If every firearm in the land were magically disintegrated tomorrow, f-tards like these people would find other ways to kill others for whatever imagined reason they might have.

    Maybe placing responsibility on the people who actually commit the crimes is more in order, don't you think?

  • mrph

    Of course ban the guns. Never let a crisis go to waste. Don't let the opportunity to exploit go past you Diane. Exploit DEAD CHILDREN for your political benefit. Make it all about politics. You couldn't wait to make it about politics. You and your President. Punish the rest of us because some sicko. Pass more laws arrest more people. When every one is in prison no one will have a gun except the police and that's just the way Fascist Diane Feinstein likes it. SHe like how Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Castro, all those murdering pigs, she loves that they don't let anybody except the police carry guns.

  • Anonymous

    Aside from the absurdity of the assault weapons ban itself (which, when it was previously in effect, had absolutely no impact on weapon-related violence), the reduction of clip size from 15 to 10 cartridges is just plain silly. This ban is already law in California- and the result is that people just buy 50% more clips.

    I had to pass a test to get a gun purchase permit- and trust me, a monkey with brain damage could pass the test. If you want to reduce the number of tragedies like Aurora and Newtown, make the test legit! And add a ban on owning weapons for not only people with mental instability, but any home with ANY resident not mentally stable or impaired. Keep in mind that Adam Lanza’s weapons were actually his Mother’s.

    • lww

      If you want to reduce the number of tragedies then every one should carry a firearm. I carry two Colt 45's in shoulder holsters. I am a peaceful person but just let one of these Wacko's break crazy around me. If more people carried guns we could stop this crazy. I read were one lady hid in a broom closet while this guy shot innocent children. Now I know she was scared but there comes a time in a persons life when they buck up and do something weather scared or not. No way would I have hid in a broom closet while this guy killed these children.

  • kim979

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  • Anon

    Finally! Thank you, Dianne Feinstein, for taking a stand. How long are we going to be held hostage to the stale arguments about freedom? How many more times will we turn on the TVs, hear about a sick shooting, thank our stars its not us or ours, and go back to our lives? Truth is its always us and always ours. Sending our kids to school should not be akin to sending them to the front lines where the threat of a bullet is real and imminent. This needs to end!

    • BobF

      Anon (if that's your real name), your fear of guns is overshadowing any common sense you might actually have – it's the crazy person who needs to be stopped. But in this PC world of "it's not fair to disallow that person from doing what he likes" we take the focus off the lunatic fringe. Again, as I stated above, with over 10,000 people killed each year by drunk drivers why not enact a law calling for the death penalty for a second DUI offense (everyone should get one chance to make a mistake)? Oh, but wait, Feinstein and the other Senators all drink, don't they? So let the roadside carnage continue!

      • Nick B

        I keep making the same point and people are like, "we tried prohibition, it didn't work for America." And I say we tried the assault weapons ban, and that didn't work either. Freedom is something you fight to protect, especially in situations like this.

    • Nick B

      Read this article if you want proof the assault weapons ban will not work. Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again expecting different results. We aren't getting to the heart of the problem because we are letting emotion cloud our judgement. It was a very terrible thing that happened to those children. Lets protect them better from now on. Instead of putting a band aid on the problem, lets address. Our mental health system sucks. It leaves people who are sick, unstable and socially inept to suffer by themselves their entire life with no help unless they do something wrong.

    • G Catzman

      yes just like its illegal to use illicit drugs…great do a ban and only law abiding citizens will not have these guns…but criminals will! By the way dear, Ms Feinstein has a carry and conceal and she reserves that right since she is more important than you!

    • Elmo

      Lets take the guns away from the police and secret service people first and see how that works out….I feel sorry for your kids, they probably understand their Dad does not love them enough to protect them.


    Hey Diane, why don't you fix the CA economy instead? I guess that's not the prime objective huh?
    Funny how our government will attempt to ban our guns while smuggling them into other countries.
    But it's all legit, right? Trust them… These are our "elected" officials.

  • Bernie

    CT already has the strictest laws and it didn’t stop this event.

    If the Brady Bill had been in effect before the Reagan shooting it wouldn’t have stopped Hinkley.

    Legislation is a knee jerk reaction that doesn’t solve the problem.

  • American

    First and foremost I am a California native. I should state up front, I have never voted for you. Never would. That doesn't make either of us bad. Nor do I believe you have knowingly cemented your place, as you have, with the intention of hurting anyone. Not a single individual. To the contrary, like any politician, simply put, you have and will do, what you have done for your own gain. This in no way represents the people. don't let yourself go to bed one night of your adult life, thinking it has! The latest tragedies of our school shootings, mall shootings, theater shootings, are HUMAN issues….Like any good politician in todays climate you are front and center with your POLITICAL issues to fix this. In the name of the true victims, your going to propose a Political solution to a Human issue. This works as well as Water and Oil. Too bad really. What leaves me as a Human, Californian, Father, Son, Brother, Husband is, this is not a solution, in NO WAY working towards a solution anyone can live with, or should live with, so that means my kids could be next or perhaps your kids, grand kids next…..This is the act of a true politician. But in the truth of humanitarian efforts, a better world for the people, you will not even register on the radar. I wasn't there when this terrible thing happened and so many kids were taking far too early. But like the other unexplained shootings that make no sense, we are once again wasting time and money with dialogue about guns. REALLY? This is something that has been building. On each occasion we hear this was building, there were some indications…..perhaps some foot prints we did not look at as individuals, parents, etc….When we you and other politicians like you start to discuss the systemic issues to prevent this in the future. We are living the results of TALKING and not actually doing anything about the HUNGRY, HOMELESS, MENTALLY CHALLENGED of our own society. We continue to assist so many in other countries, with aid, health solutions, money, guns, intelligence, etc…..Yet we pass our own people in the streets hurting, and do nothing. President Obama is an embarrassing leader for America. I only speak for me. Do we actually think we can continue to ignore those within our own lands, that desperately need our help, ALL WE CAN GIVE, before we help anyone else, and get away with this type of crazy, unfathomed, actions, by our next-door neighbor. I am not an "End of the world" extremist that lives next door. But I do have a 7 year old that goes to what is supposed to be a safe day at Elementary school, with a lovely wife that goes the Mall on a shopping excursion with friends, and as a family we often visit the movies together when time allows….Going out appears to me to be sincerely frightening in our own California, Country. AND your wasting our time with GUN initiatives…REALLY? I don't even own a gun, but ever citizen appears to really need one in order to defend themselves……I am going to forward this to my local paper, and post on blogs on the Internet. With any luck, sooner or later, we can vote you OUT OF OFFICE, as this is our right as Citizens of California and this GREAT Country we live in the United States of America!

  • Nick B

    Read this article if you want proof the assault weapons ban will not work. Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again expecting different results. We aren't getting to the heart of the problem because we are letting emotion cloud our judgement. It was a very terrible thing that happened to those children. Lets protect them better from now on. Instead of putting a band aid on the problem, lets address. Our mental health system sucks. It leaves people who are sick, unstable and socially inept to suffer by themselves their entire life with no help unless they do something wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Oh ya a ban on weapons from law abiding individuals based upon the recent violence! That makes perfect sense do to the fact that all the weapons used were illegally possessed. Oregon, the rifle was stolen! Connecticut, contrary to this report the “assualt weapon” was found in the shooter’s vehicle, shootings were committed with two normal handguns, and all three were stolen from mother when he killed her. Theses two cases are being used to promote the passing of further gun control that would only effect those individuals that can legally posses them!

    If passed it also won’t stop ownership or these weapons, it will just limit what you can do to them. Oh no can’t have that flash suppressor cause that would be to many mods, or I can have if I make stock non-collapsible. Maybe a reason to purchase a ruger ranch rifle! Pull your heads out this plan will have no real effect on firearm violence now, just as it didn’t before. Drugs are illegal and people still get those, will be same for firearms! Ban is not the answer just a patch on a bigger issue to make you sheep people feel safer!

    • question

      I agree with your overall commnents. My only question is, I thought they determined all the shootings were from the rifle except the shooter's suicide?

    • jjjj

      Assault weapon in trunk of car. 223 cases found all over the place. The guy only had two handguns.
      If you knew the true story you would more than likely throw up.

  • Anonymous

    Hell lets take the Isreal approach to spotting violence toward our school youth. Train and arm teachers and staff. Statistically a mass shooting stopped by police takes approx. 12 lives. Those stopped by armed citizens approx 2. Proven more affective than weapons bans!

  • Sandy

    If any of you are actually paying attention….Sen. Feinstein wants to place restrictions on SEMI -AUTOMATIC weapons and large ammunition clips/drums/magazines, etc. Don't worry, your precious gun "rights" aren't part of the dialogue. The 2nd Amendment is being grossly misinterpreted. This country has almost 50% of the world's gun ownership and only 5% of the world's population. We have a long culture of violence and we are simply overloaded with guns. Why does anyone need an assault weapon? They are intended for the military and law enforcement.

    • Russ

      That's right Sandy, you and Sen. Feinstein are sadly misinterpreting the second amendment. The second amendment is not about hunting. It's about protecting ourselves from a tyrannical government.
      Where did you get your "facts?"

      • Sandy

        I didn't say anywhere in my comment that the 2nd Ammendment was about hunting! So, in 2012, you believe that Americans need semi automatic weapons to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government?

          • Sandy

            Definitely not assault weapons that can mow down dozens of people in seconds. Why is this so threatening to responsible gun owners? Seems like a no-brainer.

          • Rogue1

            What exactly is the legal definition of an "assault weapon"? Is it any firearm that fires semi-automatically? It seems you're defining the object by the action of the person operating it.

          • honestly

            A possible scenario would be a gang of people descending upon a single individual in a home where help is not available. A handgun, even a shotgun really won't cut it.

          • Sandy

            Well gee under that scenario you make the case for turret mounted 50 caliber machine or maybe an RPG. Maybe if the Chinese army were invading your neighborhood, you could argue for atomic weapon. The issue here is how many assault type weapons and high capacity clips have to be in society to protect and defend against a hypothetical attack on your residence by an imaginary armed gang.

    • tom

      Half of the people talking about banning these firearms are unfamiliar with them.
      Banning is not the answer, education is. I have grown up around guns, was educated on how to use them and respect them. I have to say that shooting is a hobby for me as fishing, golf and hiking would be for someone else.

    • gary

      We need them to protect our selves against this government we now have. How is that for a starter?
      Thomas Jefferson. Remember him? Or do you read anything? No one will ever take my assault weapons, not you and surly not my government. Why did Japan not invade the US? Because one of the main leaders said there would be a gun behind every blade of grass, that is why. People like you will doom us. Sorry but that is just the way I feel.

  • a s

    If people wanted to save lives we would be talking about banning tobacco which kills 6 million a year. That’s a little more the the purported 10,000 in gun related deaths. Wake up America.

  • margopellegrino

    Ban the sale and transport of assault weapons. And try the manufacturers of these weapons if their product is used in a crime. Enough is enough, already. Enough gun worship and violence. Enough if the hateful vitriol and fear mongering. Want to talk about civil liberties and rights? Talk to the people killed by gun violence in this most violent of all first world countries. Until they speak, ban the assault weapons.

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