Bomb Squad Responds to Potential Threat Involving LAPD Patrol Car

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — The LAPD has called in the bomb squad to check out a potential threat involving one of the department’s patrol cars in Koreatown.

The bomb squad is using a robotic device to check out the patrol car  which is parked in the 600 block of Harvard Boulevard, between West 6th Street and Wilshire Boulevard.

The LAPD received three phone calls calls starting at 2 a.m. Tuesday from a male voice who first reported that there was a explosive device at a Jewish temple in the area.  Police responded and checked out the nearby Wilshire Boulevard Temple and found nothing.

Then about 8 a.m. police received two more phone calls from a male voice reporting a suspicious device under an LAPD patrol car in that same area.  So far, officers have not found an explosive device.

“The LAPD car is not stolen,” said LAPD Sgt. Rudy Lopez. “It was placed there as a crime deterrent.”

About 30 to 40 residents have been evacuated as a precaution.  There are several street closures, including parts of Wilshire Boulevard, Hobart and Harvard Boulevards, West 6th Street and Kingsley Avenue.


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  • D. Parker-Helmick

    Drug cartels which have aligned with terror cells hidden in Los Angeles may be responsible for this hoax and may be using remote detonation to scare the police just like California citizens have been scared for years now! You may be interested to know that home invasion and scenes from The Hurt Locker movie may actually cause internal bombs which people are unaware have been implanted in them. A terror cell from Al Queda sits on four counties of Southern California and have tried to dispose of informers by this method, like happened to me.

  • Jonathan Vasquez

    This very sad and at the same time disappointing! I go to the school right in front, and we are just renting space from the Jewish church. I'm a student from Camino Nuevo Charter Academy Harvard, Non-Jewish school, and I woke up with my friends begging me not to go to school through FaceBook, because of the possible bomb threat that there is. I've been seeing this patrol car for about a week before this incident occurred, and a bunch of kids were around the car. LAPD need to make sure where all there units are located at, and place trackers in the cars! Even I toke a picture right next to the car, and thinking about it, the possibly bomb could of detonated in that very moment! Now, every time I go to school I wont feel safe, because this is the second bomb placed right next to our prestigious school. LAPD needs to boot up security! We heard about the Connecticut Massacre, and now we would of been the next targets! This is Los Angeles, these type of things shouldn't happen to our great city. Los Angeles should of token the Connecticut Massacre as a learning experience, and a new way of security. We dont want to end up with a whole mess of police officers, like RFK, around us when school resumes. Our vacation starts on 12/24/12, and hopefully our school cancels school for the last couple of days for the students, like me, to process what was about to happen. We thank God that he didn't let another disgrace to happen.

    • Alexis Alejandro

      I agree with you Jonathan. Andy was on top of the police car! What if it detonated at that instance? won't feel safe at school anymore and now i will feel more attentive expecting some crazing guy to start shooting or expecting a bomb to detonate while we are taking a test. I too hope that school is canceled this week to process what could have happened. Thank God it did not detonate.

    • LALaw

      You should probably be more concerned with learning how to spell and compose. A week off from school is the last thing you apparently need.

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