DA: Man Charged with Fashion Island Shooting Spree Had Done it Before

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

fashion-is-guyNEWPORT BEACH, Calif.  — A Garden Grove man was charged Tuesday with more than 50 felony counts after allegedly firing dozens of shots from a semi-automatic handgun in the parking lot of the Fashion Island shopping center.

42-year-old Marcos Gurrola was charged with 54 counts of discharging a gun in public and two counts of assault for injuries suffered by a mother and her 4-year-old daughter when they were knocked to the ground in the ensuing panic.

The unemployed security guard was also charged with 10 counts of discharging a gun in public for a similar incident at the popular shopping hub in November 2011.

If convicted on all counts, Gurrola faces a maximum sentence of 115 years in prison.

Gurrola’s family finds it hard to believe what he’s been accused of, but they say he seemed “out of it” only two days before the shooting at his grandmother’s wake.

“The last time I saw him was at my grandma’s wake on Thursday,” said cousin Jacob Avalos. “He was like totally different. He didn’t look like himself.”

Asked how Gurrola has changed over the years, Avalos replied: “He’s just like not in his head, like not all there.”

Avalos said that Gurrola, who was in the Navy, never seemed the to be the same when he returned from war.

He confirmed that his cousin, who is form Garden Grove, was living out of his car.

Investigators believe he was frustrated because of personal problems when he opened fire.

Newport Beach Police Chief David McGill told the Los Angeles Times that the gunman was “unhappy about a lot in life and decided this was his best way of releasing his tension.”

Police recovered a handgun and ammunition at the scene.

Authorities have also linked Gurrola to a similar shooting spree in 2011.

Investigators say an unknown suspect opened fire in a parking lot at Fashion Island on Nov. 16, 2011, shooting 10 rounds.

At the time of that shooting no suspects were identified and no injuries were reported.

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  • Eve

    No where in this article does it say when the shooting happened. Please be sure to tell me who, what, when, where and if you can why. Thank you.

  • Phil

    That "loser" is a war veteran who could have easily killed a bunch of people given his military experience, but didn't. Both of these incidences were clearly a cry for help. He's obviously got some serious mental issues, as do many returning veterans who have seen the horror of war bring home with them.

    This "loser" is just one of the countless many belonging to his generation and those before him who have been and will continue to be overlooked until we seriously rehaul our priorities at home concerning the availability of and creating easier access to healthcare, the destigmatization of mental illness, and not to mention the serious need of gun control reformation that will hopefully finally happen in light of the recent shootings in Connecticut.

    • Laurie

      Phil, you are absolutely right. I know Mark from the gym and he is a war veteran who has been discarded and overlooked after serving our country. This is not an isolated case, there are hundreds of men and women like him that have no clue how to function in society after experiencing war. He is not a "loser and societal misfit" but a man crying for help. He did not harm anyone but himself. Let's pray that "the powers that be" do the right thing and provide the services that he needs, he has earned it. And yes, time for gun control reformation.

  • Steve

    It is a cry for help. But the DoD (Department of Defense) has a huge mental health program to help those who exposed to combat PTSD and other brain trauma. All he has to do is to bring himself to any VA hospital and they will take a good care of him. Ladies and Gentlemen, nowadays soldiers have access to all kind of helps 24 hours hotline etc. I am speaking from experience as a SSgt in the Marine Corps who's travel around the country every month to reach out to 65k IRR Marines making sure they are mentally and physically healthy.

    I have done both Iraq and Afg several times since 2003. I was a pointman during OIF I. Unless that man was a navy seal, Navy EOD, or Navy Corpsman that attached with Marines infantry unit. I don't see how he got PTSD or any type of combat stress. It was sad to see another service member did something bad and let a "MORON" calling him a Societal misfit and a looser.

  • news feed

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