Daughter Donates Kidney to Save Father’s Life

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WESTWOOD, Calif. (KTLA) — In the truest spirit of holiday giving, a daughter has given her father the most precious gift of all — a new kidney and a new chance at life.

Luis Ramirez and his wife moved to the United States from Mexico so their children could have a better future.

Ramirez never learned to read or write English, but he managed to launch a successful landscaping business and raise six children.

One of those children, Graciela, has now given her father the ultimate gift, donating a kidney to keep him alive.

“If they would have said we don’t need your kidney, we need your heart, your life. I wouldn’t even think about it twice,” Graciela said. “I would give him my life in heartbeat.”

Dr. Jeffrey Veale performed the organ transplant, and said he was very moved by the family’s story.

“Mr. Ramirez lived the American dream. He came here from difficult circumstances and built a beautiful life here in the United States,” Veale said.

“Then he happened to go on dialysis, and his daughter couldn’t wait to donate a kidney to him,” he added.

“I’m very thankful to this daughter of mine. I don’t deserve her,” Luis Ramirez said, translated by his daughter from Spanish. “I thank God, and you, my daughter, for saving my life.”

But Graciela says that she is the lucky one to have a father who has worked tirelessly to provide for her and her family.

She says that the experience with her father’s transplant has taught her to be grateful for each and every day.

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  • Tahoe

    ok here’s the deal: this happens EVERYDAY…see it all the time in hospital so WHY does THIS story get newsworthy shout out? BTW- ANYONE can live without kidneys it’s called dialysis so to say she gave the gift of life is a real over dramatic idea. Who’s paying for this “life saving” transplant? Medicare and/or Medical which translate to me & the rest of the taxpayers. Awesome- & to think I pay $450/month just for my coverage let alone my $2500 deductible to be paid first. KTLA- please give me a friggin break- concentrate on news worthy stuff that needs attention- not a false “gift of life” scenario. What about the dead teenager who’s mom donated his heart to an ailing 47yo with 3 small children? now THAT’S the gift of life. Sorry but working in medical field I see WHY we need healthcare reform & socialized medicine. & guess what?! even with my PPO that I PAY for I wouldn’t get half the crap everyone else gets for free, let alone a kidney if I needed one….no wonder our system is in shambles

    • Anonymous

      ^ your so rude! I’m practically family with those people so for you to say that and not even know then or the situation, maybe you should just keep your mouth shut!

  • Anonymous

    And also you can live on dialysis but only for 4-6 years. So yes it was a gift of life. And who paid for it? It’s called people have insurance. It’s people like you that is why our world is full of hate!!!!

  • Tahoe

    LOL- 4-6 years…please they live up to 10+ years on HD…give it up & like it or not people have opinions different then your views. Deal with it or move to another country…FREEDOM of speech & thought…ain’t it grand?

  • v

    the first poster is ignorant. you want to consider that some cases are different? not everyone is on medicare or medical. gave you heard of health insurance? that applies. have you ever heard of someone needing a kidney NOW? that applies. you do not know any and all cases so do not start barking and showing how judgmental and ignorant you are.

  • anonymous

    For the first poster. After hearing nothing but bad news this is a great story to hear and you don’t know if these people paid or not so please, just like you don’t care about this story we don’t care to hear you nag so keep it to your self or maybe tell your friends, that is if you have any. Before you open your mouth get your facts straight. So sorry your full of negativity will definitely pray for you. Merry Christmas to you :-)

  • Shannon

    I thought it was a real nice story!!!! It doesn’t matter what insurance they have that you don’t know you assuming they are kn a state funded insurance You seem bitter…. This is a blessing to their family. Yes we do have freedom of speech but that don’t mean be rude especially when you don’t have the inside facts.

  • Tahoe

    freedom of speech is great! I agree with the primary poster & wonder after seeing this story on TV the simple fact that this fortunate kidney recipient did not speak English, but has been in this country for 30+ years…I highly doubt he had his own private insurance- simply Medi-cal I bet. I’m tired of paying for medical care for people who come here illegally & get better care than me or my family. Or who were born here or my grandfather who cams here from Italy in 1942 LEGALLY & learned to speak

    English. This story is a waste of good air time- alright, he got a kidney from his daughter, good for him…move on…watch your all premiums go up with illegals galore

  • Kelly

    I love the ignorant, boohoo I have to pay for my insurance and taxes post. Your lives must be lonely and miserableee. You couldnt just take the value of the story. Karma is going to hurt one day. I am sure you would accept an organ for yourself from an “illegal,” or non english speaker or this person or that person. Boohoo.

  • Tahoechick

    Idiot- I bet you are bleeding this country dry too? ” Boohoo” sounds like you don’t pay taxes yourself or your own insurance either…might you be another Medi-cal sucker…? Government “gold cards” are apparently more common here. Are you from the same pool of idiots who lost their home because they thought they were entitled to more house than they could afford then screamed foul when ARMs went up blaming everyone else for their mistake rather than themselves. Yeah we’re in this mess due to people helping themselves to money that isnt their own. Thinking you deserve something better WITHOUT earning it…as far as organ transplant & healthcare goes….Jehovah’s Witnesses have it right: you get ONE body…ONE life…it shouldnt be like a car where you wear one out then get a new one….people should take what their given- make the best of it, if God wanted us to live 150 years then he would’ve engineered a body to do so.

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