Simi Valley Elementary Students Suspended For Toy Guns

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Student Toy GunsSIMI VALLEY (KTLA) – Two elementary students in Simi Valley have been suspended for bringing toy guns to school.

The Simi Valley Police Department received a 911 call Tuesday  8:12 a.m. of a student with a possible gun at Santa Susana Elementary located at 4300 Apricot Road.

During the investigation it was determined that two elementary school students, ages 9 and 10, had both brought an air-soft type handguns on the school bus.  Another student saw the devices on the bus and notified school authorities.

Officer said the toy guns the students had in their possession were very realistic in appearance, and could easily have been mistaken as real handguns.

Officers said the children meant no harm and their parents had no idea that their kids brought the toy guns to school.

The students have been suspended.

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  • Peacetrain

    The student that saw the toy guns did the right thing by reporting them to the school authorities right away. These toy guns look so real that had another person with a real gun had seen these kids first, they might have been shot. If these guns were real, telling the authorities quickly about them can prevent possible shooting.

    • Coco

      Wow are you serious. If no consequences are taken for thier action, they would probably do it again and maybe this time bring in real guns. You are out of your mind for thinking this is ‘stupid’. Its great they got suspended, we need to stop all this!

    • Jennifer George

      It might be a little overboard, but not stupid, both my brothers are teachers, and I would be devastated to see anything happen to either of them or any of their students, the parents of these children need to have a better idea of what their kids are doing, and yes I allow my son to play with these kinds o toys, but I don’t allow him to point them at ppl, or to point them at himself, I teach him to be smart even w his toy guns, eduction his key, and if you don’t remember a young man was killed by an officer over a fake, but very realistic toy gun he pulled out on him years ago, so these students were 100% in the wrong, ESP after such a tragic horrific event like the Sandy Hook Elem School shooting, my prayers go out to all those families and friends that lost their loved ones, God bless

  • Deisy Moreno

    Parents need to aducate their children. I have a son on the way and I will not let him play with a toy gun. In my opinion, it’s not appropriate for a child to have toy guns in the first place.

  • GhostofReportingPast

    So… this story starts with telling us the students were suspended and ends with the same fact? Someone needs to go back to elementary school and learn Writing 101.

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