Car-To-Car Search For Bank Robbers Conducted on 110 Freeway

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SOUTH LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Authorities brought traffic to a halt on part of the 110 freeway Friday as they took three bank robbery suspects into custody.

The suspects, who were reportedly armed, are believed to have robbed the Altura Credit Union in Moreno Valley at Day Street and Canyon Springs Parkway, according to a Riverside County sheriff’s spokesperson.

No injuries were reported during the robbery.

Authorities used a tracking device hidden in a bag of money taken from the bank to locate the suspects.

Dozens of cars were stopped on the northbound side of the 110 freeway in South Los Angeles at about 12:30 p.m. as authorities conducted a car to car search.

The freeway was reopened about 1:30 p.m.

Three suspects were eventually taken into custody and the money was recovered, according to reports.

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  • CT2

    I saw this ubfold while on southbound side and it affected wayyyy more than a dozen cars…..traffic was backed up from manchester to the 91……why didn't they track them off the freeway?

  • mark

    hell,,,theres 230 million white folks in america,,,,yet only 30 million negroes,,,,,,,do the math,,,,who commits more violent crimes?…….oh,,,,,is there actually any negroes that are ever succesful at robbing banks?…..LMFAO!……dey just been watchin too many of dem white mans movies n s**t !!!….LMFAO!……MERRY CHRISTMAS TO JAMAAL,MALEEK n DEM !!!!!!!!!


      It low-brains like you who continue to think white people are not committing many, many crimes. Just because whites are not arrested and jailed or put in prison, does not mean they are not committing crimes. You people are so blinded by your desire to be the superior race, you will not admit that whites are molesting, murdering, robbing banks, kidnapping and dealing drugs just as much as anyone else. The justice system treats your crimes different, and you know it.

  • Chris

    I think it is funny that you say whites are not areested and put in jail or prison. It is ignorant close-minded comments like that, that give people reasons to be "racist" the "N" word is not directed towards black people in general it means ignorance. Look it up, also there are ignorant people in every race not just "blacks" so quit try to play the feel bad for me card. I personally was locked up for 3 years because I got in a bar fight with an associates "black" friend. Our government decided because I was white it had to have been a hate crime. So get your small minded a$$ out of the gutter when you make statements like that.