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Fountain Valley Pizza Parlor Gets Special Christmas Gift

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. (KTLA) — A group of avid pepperoni fans surprised the owners of a mom and pop pizza parlor with some special Christmas gifts on Sunday.

Steve Lynn and a few of his friends have frequented “Two Brother’s” pizza parlor at 18944 Brookhurst Street since their school days at Fountain Valley High School.

They have spent days and nights at “Two Brother’s”  like so many other patrons eating, drinking, and carving their names into the wooden tabletops.

This year, the friends decided to buy the owners new tables, and mount the old tabletops onto the restaurant’s walls.

Lynn says it’s a way to preserve the past while making way for the future.

Jim Nash reports.

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  • Mary

    I'm sure the owners of this establishment keep a clean restaurant and I think what was done for them was very nice, but did I just see the owners take a dog behind the counter???? Gross!

  • Get over it

    Comne on people…..she just walked in and was surprised by the new gift and tables and she did what she always does and walked behind the counter. She didn't set the dog down, she didn't prepare food, she simply walked behind the counter and was holding her dog. How many people do you see with their dog in the cart at the grocery store…in the cart…where you put food. Leave this sweet couple alone…

  • honey558

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  • Brian

    Missing the point, couple of young men stepped up and gave to the benefit of others ( pizza owners & future customers). Really refreshing to see that their parents took the time to teach these young men correctly and the young men chose to do for others during the holiday season. Looks like they made or built some tough tables, note how Jim Nash is banging on one of them. Big Shout to these guys.

  • Stephanie

    This was very thoughtful for those young men who offered their appreciation for these owners. I think it's touching to see people show gratification within their community, even if it's a small thing like this. And please stop with the harassments about the owner taking the dog behind the counter; seriously? You guys are missing the point. Like that last comment said, what difference does it make that people can bring their dogs at the grocery store, but not at restaurants? It's not like they were opened for business that day and they haven't even put that dog down or anywhere there would be direct contact with the food. Geez, leave these nice people alone.
    Merry Christmas.

  • lucky110

    instead of being negative on what is now Christmas, you people should be praising the actual story. You have the wrong Holiday Spirit. These guys rock.

  • anonymous

    I’m so touched to see a group of people help out a family especially when times are VERY tough financially. So thankful for good people and watching this made my day!