BREAKING: Body Found in Montecito Area Where Authorities Were Searching for Missing L.A. County Firefighter

Rihanna and Chris Brown Cozy Up at Lakers Game

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Exes Rihanna and Chris Brown spent Christmas Day together, taking in the Lakers-Knicks game at Staples Center.

The singers arrived in the same car, but got out of the vehicle separately, celebrity website TMZ reports.

They eventually sat down together in courtside seats to watch the game.

Brown pleaded guilty in 2009 to felony assault of Rihanna in connection with an incident while the then-couple was driving home from a pre-Grammy party.

Under the plea deal, Brown was required to serve 180 days of community service and undergo domestic violence counseling.

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  • zsa zsa ga bored

    when she gets beat a 2nd time
    I want to be in the 'ER'
    and be the first to congratulate her
    smacky dabba doo fo you!
    People just never learn, like a moth to a flame
    oh to be young, rich and STUPID

  • claudia346

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  • Strike Force

    Another OJ and Nicole. She will make the headlines and he will be the suspect. Maybe he was trying to beat the ugly out of her.

  • Robert

    What the hell do those two deadbeats offer society ?? That woman is with this Brown fellow for most likely two things… drugs and sexual satisfaction. She must like it deep and hard , up her vagina and up her nose.
    I see a real crash landing for both those fools some day.
    The CHP should use those two losers as spike strips, to catch bad guys.

  • Liz

    I can't help, but feel sorry for her. She is a victim of domestic violence and despite her wealth, power, and privilege, she still finds herself with the perpetrator. She doesn't need him, but yet she's still drawn to him. It's the cycle of violence so many women find themselves in.

    • sam

      The whole thing was a publicity stunt to get both of them in the papers! They have been secretly seeing each other all this time! And it worked he got notorious and she got famous!

  • Man Goo

    The next time Chris Brown hits Rihanna he'll kill her. I can hear his defense lawyer now "If the boxing glove don't fit….you must acquit!" On the other hand… maybe Chris Brown is doing all of us a favor so we won't have to listen to anymore shitty Rihanna songs like Diamonds.

  • Clarrisa

    Bottom line…it's nobody's business but theirs. What everyone is forgetting is that they were mutually involved in what went on. I can't say like so many that there is never a reason to hit a woman. If my 28 year old uncle had hit his wife instead of turning to walk away, he'd be here now instead of buried. She stabbed in with an 10 inch kitchen knife. But that was his choice as well. Many of you are quick to say what people should and shouldn't do, would you accept the same advice you're giving if you were in their place.
    I doubt it. It's NOBODY'S BUSINESS.