Bodies of 9 Calabasas Helicopter Crash Victims Have Been Recovered, Coroner’s Officials Say

Family Evicted from ‘Fort Hernandez’ in Van Nuys

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

VAN NUYS, Calif. (KTLA) — Deputies have evicted a family from a Van Nuys home that’s been the site of an ongoing anti-foreclosure demonstration by Occupy protesters.

The Hernandez family was evicted from their home in the 14600 block of Leadwell Street early Thursday morning without incident.

L.A. County sheriff’s deputies and LAPD officers supported work crews who were brought in to break down the encampment.

The home had become known as “Fort Hernandez,” after the family of Javier Hernandez tried to save the foreclosed property by refusing to leave.

Dozens of Occupy protesters had been camped out for more than 100 days to protest the eviction.

Thursday morning’s ouster comes after four years of neglected payments by the owner.

“We have made multiple attempts to offer Mr. Hernandez assistance since he stopped making payments in 2008,” a Bank of America spokesperson said in a statement.

“Prior to foreclosure, we requested financial documents over a 6-month period, but Mr. Hernandez  never submitted the necessary documentation for us to complete our review.

“We then proceeded with foreclosure in September 2011.”

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  • Jim5108

    I can't feel sorry for people that have not made a payment in four years. To me, they represent that big "I'm entitled" attitude that so many people have these days.

    • Jason

      If you're a US taxpayer, you paid for the house. Would you rather a family live in it or would you rather a bank sell it again? You're getting screwed either way but you seem to be rooting for the person who tried to screw you.

      • Steamingpileofobama

        The gov paid for this losers house? That's funny, because I'm sure the loser put his money for the down payment and put his money into the mortgage payments he did make. Jason you are clueless and drank too much of the libtard kool-aid.

    • Peter

      Or… The only info in this story is coming from the police and the bank. Maybe there is another side to the story? Whatever. Blissful ignorance for the ignorant.

  • VNgrunt67

    It is the bank that has let this situation drag on for far too long (4 years!) and we all paid for it by some of the very steep bank fees!

    • Kyle

      No, as Jason says above, US taxpayers literally paid for this house via the bank bailouts. Without those bailouts, BoA would no longer exist and assets like this mortgage would have been auctioned off.

      There are 2 sides here. You can take the side of the biggest recipients of welfare in the world –the banks — or you can take the side of the people. If you're taking the side of the banks — pro-eviction — then not only are you pro-welfare but you're also a promoter of big government and a bootlicker as well.

  • Anonymous

    It's about time they got thrown out. They signed the papers and should hold themselves responsible. Now that things aren't going the way they want they are looking for any error they can find in the paperwork. Something a smart borrower would have done in the beginning. I would never sign documents for a loan that size without going over it with a fine tooth comb. Furthermore, they haven't made a payment in years. Each person in that house of working age has had YEARS to save money while the rest of us pay rent or mortgages every month. The banks are not in business to coddle people and keep them safe and warm. It's business, and business is to make MONEY. I'll bet the neighbors are SO GLAD to have their neighborhood back.

    • KAG

      First of all there is no such thing as the "VNPD". It's the LAPD but in this case it was the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. But you are right. The bank should pay that bill and not the tax payers.

    • Eric Hanaway

      So please, instead of posting a blog that has no evidence of fraud, could you please give the actual laws the bank, and or police broke in this eviction.

      And again, actual laws broken would be appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting video on their Facebook page. One of their supporters doing the recording is goading the police standing around and he calls one of the police "WHITE MAN". This video alone makes me think they are a bunch of entitled morons looking to start more trouble. He called another a rookie…etc. These people hate being stereotyped and labeled, yet they seem to forget each of those cops is there on an order and they also have homes and families and the job they must do is what puts food on their tables. Kudos to the cops for keeping their cool and not letting the lowlifes get under their skin.

    • Eric Hanaway

      I dont know what this link is, but it looks like a donation page? This is what the Occupy protesters should have been doing all along. Instead of trying to keep somebody in a house they cant afford, they should have focused their efforts in moving them into something they could.

  • Edwin Jackson

    I also watched the footage on their facebook page and saw nothing but swearing at and trying to bait cops into a conflict while the Hernandez' filmed it. If there was any doubt to what kind of people they are, watch for a few minutes and make up your own mind. I'm sure their neighbors are very happy.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly Edwin. I was feeling a little bad for them until I saw and listened to that video. Stereotypes fit very well in this situation.

      • Anonymous

        Yep! All a bunch of pot heads who don't know how to act like civil human beings. They think it's ok to act foolish by running their mouth. I feel bad for the neighbors.

  • Karl Greenblatt

    Its not just a donation page -had you read it instead of just the headline –

    If you want to know the real story you gotta read- why are these posters just wanting to make this family to be the bad guy without knowing the truth? ????????
    <a href=",d.cGE” target=”_blank”>…” target=”_blank”>,d.cGE

  • Karl Greenblatt

    The bank braekin a law to kik those poor people out , I knows the turth all the homies got to get together yo, and retake Atzlan from the white devill. I'se be knowing that my freends payd all the time but theys is Mexicans so the bank steels there moneey. Viva la raza!

  • Anonymous

    This family, like many others got in over their heads. Make the payments, you keep the home, if you saw you're rates adjusting, refinance. If you can't do any of the above, put the keys to the house in the mail to the bank. It's call Jingle Mail. 4 Years & No Payments, means you move out of the property!!!!

  • Karl Greenblatt

    Hang em high -the Lynch mob knee jerk asperger group says without even reading the links I posted that shed the truth on why this is happening. A common occurance in these Illegal forclosures is that the bank will not accept payment cus they want the property-

    • Eric Hanaway

      Instead of a cut and paste, Id like you to tell me why this is illegal? I clicked the first link, I will not click the second link ( a value my virus free computer).

      Let me help you, there was absolutely nothing "illegal" or "unethical" about this foreclosure. Im in real estate law, I am very familiar with this situation.

      Unless you can challenge my knowledge of real estate law, I suggest you keep it zipped!

  • Tee

    "The Hernandez family was evicted from their home in the 14600 block of Leadwell Street"________________________________________ It was not their home.

  • Sfl

    After watching the news about the Hernandez family being evicted from their home and the Bank was Bank of America. The news said the Bank and requested documents from them for the past 6 months. I
    Had to comment on this one. We have been trying to get a loan modification from them for the past 7 months and have submitted documents to them 2 times. We get letters from the bank once a week saying they declined the loan because we did not submit the documents they requested. Try and get hold of someone to help is almost impossible. You need to leave a message and someone will call you back. They might call or not.

  • Anonymous

    Javier Hernandez bought the home in 2006 and signed a subprime mortgage that included interest-only payments up front and an adjustable rate, the LA Daily News reports. But after the payment went from $3,900 to $4,500 in 2008, the Hernandezes stopped paying.

    Bank of America said it tried to work with Hernandez, but that he did not submit paperwork in time. Hernandez’s attorney showed NBC stacks of papers showing an effort to start payments again, but the bank said it wasn’t enough to qualify for a loan modification.

    Well enough said!………..

    Everything is a scam including many others who'd fallen under this scandal!

  • Anonymous

    Every day, BOA defrauds hundreds of thousands of its customers along with innocent borrowers who have loans that are either originated or serviced through BOA or its predecessor, Countrywide Home Loans, Inc.

    Despite having been fined several billion dollars by various state and federal agencies continuously over the last 4 years, BOA continues to defraud the public and abuse the court system against innocent victims that are unable to fight back. Although BOA was forced to pay billions in fines, those dollars have not trickled down to the victims who have lost their homes, had their credit destroyed, lost their jobs, lost their retirement, and lost their ability to live the American dream.

    As to why does BOA continue to defraud people, that answer is also sadly simple. It has to continue to use fraud as a daily business principle because it has committed so much fraud in the past, that it must continue to use fraud to cover up the past fraud. It is that unending cycle of deception your parents warned you about when you told your first lie…"if you tell a little lie now, your lies will get bigger and bigger to cover up the previous lies, until you lose the meaning of truth."

    Bank of America, through its predecessor, Countrywide Home Loans, Inc., originated 3.5 million loans between 2003 and 2007 that were neither funded nor owned by CHL or BOA. These loans were derived from credit lines established by the Federal Reserve to Countrywide, which were public funds.

    Because the fraud committed by Bank of America is so extensive, complex, and sophisticated, it would be impossible to outline even a small percentage of the fraud that takes place on a daily basis in a single writing. We can however, expose one small segment of BOA's fraud that effects 3.5 million homeowners and involves approximately 10B in home loans. If you are one of those 3.5 million borrowers/homeowners, you should go to and read our entire synopses.

    If, after reading our synopses, you feel as outraged as you do helpless, there are at least 2 small things you can do. You can get online and send emails to Bank of America to let them you know of their fraud, and insist that they stop. The second thing you can do is send emails to the U.S. District Court, Central District of California and demand that it stop allowing Bank of America to commit this foreclosure fraud.

    People of America,

    It is time to wake up.

    It is time for Bank of America to come clean.

    • erichanaway

      I would still like to know what fraud BofA committed in regards to this borrower. Do you know?

      One thing we know for sure, and I can back this up with actual proof, Mr Hernandez committed fraud in 2006, buy signing a binding contract, where he stated he made more money than he actually did. The 1003 is a document a borrower signs under penalty of fine and prison, where Mr Hernandez had to give a fake income amount to qualify.

      Mr Hernandez has not been indicted for fraud, which as of right now, is the only illegal activity we know of in regards to this case/.

  • Pam

    In this day and age .. if the banks were really intrested in helping people stay in thier homes, they'd find a way, even if it ment 100 year mortagues like some asian countries. But they ( in this case BOA ) will make a lot more money collecting from default insurance.

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