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`Hero at Home` Reaches out to Holocaust Survivors Living a World Away

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Imagine traveling back in time to help holocaust victims.

Tonight’s ‘Hero at Home’ doesn’t have to imagine… that’s because she learned they still exist and has dedicated her life to helping them.

KTLA’s Chris Schauble introduces us to  Zane Buzby.

For decades Eastern European holocaust survivor went without help and lived in squalor… until Zane Buzby came along during her quest to visit her grandparents’ village in Belarus back in 2001.

From that visit the Los Angeles based ”Survivor Mitzvah Project” was born.

Now Buzby and her small staff visit or send aid to holocaust survivors as often as possible.

The response and gratitude has been overwhelming.

Buzby says unlike other organizations… the “Survivor Mitzvah Project” helps holocaust survivors who have somehow fallen through the cracks.

Either they don’t have proper documentation, or they have been too isolated from the rest of the world.

Her dedication to help those who have been forgotten by most of the world zane buzby this week’s hero at home.

Watch Chris Schauble’s report for more.

And if you’d like to learn more about “The Survivor Mitzvah Project” just go to their website at

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  • Pingback: Anonymous
  • Tremley

    With all of these holohoax survivers, then who actually died? I cant believe that there is so many ignorant people out there who still believes in the holocaust when ithas been proven to be a false

    • Regina Sabin

      Amazingly Tremley, it is we that can not believe the existence of deniers such as yourself when so much evidence supports the events of the Holocaust. Have you ever asked yourself why those that were tried at Nuremberg did not deny the Holocaust took place? Surely it would have been in the interest of one accused of a crime that 'did not take place' to say so..but instead those accused said 'they were only taking orders'. Have you ever looked at the census statistics of the Jewish population before the Holocaust as compared to after it? As for the number of survivors: The Registry of Holocaust Survivors currently contains the names of over 195,000 survivors and family members. A growing number of these individuals, who registered their names and historical information over the last 15 years, are now deceased. Considering the millions that were a part of the events of the Shoah, many of who were children, many of whom fled and were in hiding, the numbers of survivors are in reality small. Difficult for you to believe..or perhaps you are of a mentality that causes you to be disappointed that some did survive?

  • Lewis

    "Get it all on record now–get the films–get the witnesses–because somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened."

  • Lewis

    "Get it all on record now–get the films–get the witnesses–because somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened." – Dwight Eisenhower

  • Howard

    It is a sad commentary on our society that people can be so cruel and hateful. Here is an example of someone doing something good, and what is the response? Hate mail. For people who deny the Holocaust, please visit Yad Vashem in Jerusalem or the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. Or read a book and do some research. Get educated.

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