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Suspect Shot, Wounded by Police in Panorama City

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PANORAMA CITY, Calif. (KTLA) — A suspect was in critical condition after an officer involved shooting in Panorama City.

The shooting unfolded on Saturday night in the San Fernando Valley, in the 8400 block of Willis Ave.

The LAPD was called to the scene by a security guard at an apartment complex, who reportedly saw two men with guns.

Officers spotted the two suspects and one of them gave himself up.

The other was shot after allegedly brandishing a weapon.

There is no word yet on the identities of the suspects or what charges they might face.

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  • Dude

    "The shooting unfolded on Saturday night in the San Fernando Valley, near the corner of Willis Avenue and Second Street."

    Second Street?

    There are no numbered streets anywhere near that area. Get your facts right, KTLA.

  • mark

    i'm quite sure it was a anchor baby beaner or an illegal beaner…….wonder what good is coming from them being in america?…………run a check yourself on the crime in mexico,its absolutely insane!……some small towns have had 4000 murders in 1 year……these drugs destroyed these people…….and if their such hard workers as people allways say,,then why dont they work hard at rebuiding mexico?…WTF?

  • WABU

    You are saying that its the illegals well what about all the American citizens that are being shot down cause of drugs and gangs. I mean the American Gang members and drug dealers.

    I do agree that if you are an illegal you need to go back to where every you come from and handle shit the proper way, my great grandparents came here as illegals and did shit the right way and became American Citizens I believe this country was found on immigrants but again back then people were proud to become American's. Today we just have people taking advantage of the United States and it actually embarrassing we have allowed so much bullshit in and now we can't control it. How embarrassed should we as a country be today. Something needs to be done.

  • anonymous

    That individual has made choices about how hed like to live his life and is now facing consequences of that.However he comes from a close loving family who is besides themselves with pain,worry,and a wide variety of emotion.They do not deserve to have themselves judged as being less than or that their son/brother desrerves this because of his race .hopefully all your children grow up to be saints and live blameless lives but in the real world its not that cut and dry.

  • Anonymous

    All u ppl have no idea what these ppl family n friends go thru no one deserves to die,n now he is paying for what he has done,an for u that said u hope he dies well sorry but he’s not dead maybe u should die for wishing death upon another human being…U wanna talk about beaners n wat they do wat about the white ppl killing young children n killing there own parents???O its cuz they’re not mentally there how funny but if it where a mexican with no hesitation life with out parole !!!!