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3 Held in Robbery, CSUF Lockdown Plead Not Guilty

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KTLA) — Three men arrested in connection with a robbery and car chase that led to a lockdown at Cal State Fullerton entered not guilty pleas on Thursday.

Damine Banks, Jerome Allen and Traevon Viduad are facing charges including attempted murder and robbery.

A fourth suspect, Roosevelt Fernandez, will be charged separately.

Police say the men are responsible for a robbery and a shooting on Dec. 12 at Empire Jewelry and Pawn Shop in Moreno Valley.

The suspects then fled in a dark-colored Lexus driven by a fifth person, who remains at large.

They led police on a high-speed pursuit that spanned four counties and ended at Cal State Fullerton. All five suspects ran from the vehicle.

Officers gave chase and apprehended Banks and Allen as they ran from the car.

Vidaud was arrested after allegedly carjacking another vehicle and leading police on a chase ended with a brief foot pursuit in Watts.

The campus of Cal State Fullerton was locked down for nearly eight hours as police searched for the remaining suspects.

Fernandez was arrested last Wednesday and booked on charges including attempted murder, robbery, parole violation and using a firearm during the commission of a robbery.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact Investigator Rose with the Moreno Valley Police Department’s Robbery Suppression Team at 951-486-6710.

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  • Sambo

    Wow! I am shocked to see the 3 of these law abiding citizens had anything to do with this! They must have the wrong people. They could not have done this. I thought only White people did this kind of stuff NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Typical you know what's……….

    • Sambo

      True, but most if not 75% are Black. I have a question for you, why did you even open this article? Were you hoping it was not one if your brothers or your Daddy? or did you just scroll down to look at the comments people would say because you knew it would offend you? That's what I thought you instigator! Jack Ass!!!!!


      Sambo, are you shocked when you see a white man arrest for molesting little innocent boys and girls? Are you shocked when white men are arrest for mass murders? Name a race or nationality that has never had a member commit crimes.

  • jon

    Samnbo, to your comment of 'I thought only White people did this kind of stuff NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Typical you know what's……….'
    Your mother is a stupid N*****er


      @jon, Samnbo was being sarcastic!!! I guess you are too lame to know that. Your mother must be stupid because she did not teach you common sense.

  • Sambo

    Jon, my mother is Nagger, she was always making sure I made the right decisions in life. So when I was a teen she nagged me a lot. But that have must have been to raise me properly and not commit crimes, Shoot, Rob and kill other people probably like you did. I can only imagine how your Mama raised you! Or how the Foster home you lived in because your mama gave you up because she has no idea who yo Dada iz……

    • Sambo

      To: Original OG, We ALL know that, but it seems whenever you look at the news it's always or most of the time, you know…Blacks or Mexicans! sorry to say. Here, I will give you a total small example. If you live or work in any Downtown neighborhood that has a bad reputation, who is doing all of the tagging on property? 90% Mexicans and 9 % Blacks. If it were white people, I may be able to read it.


        The majority of those screwing and molesting little boys and committing mass murders are white men. Hey, there are criminals in all races.

  • Jon

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    • Sambo

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  • Samba

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      • Sambo

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        • Sambo

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  • jon

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    • Sambo

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      • RexRegis

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  • RexRegis

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  • RexRegis

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  • Will

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  • mark

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    • RexRegis

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  • publicnme

    Ya know you cant expect to much from people that are to lazy to work. Pick-in cotton was their last real job and they had to whip them to get them to days most are shacked up with babymomas on welfare, drug dealers,pimps,robbers.or in prison.Fine career choices. These three should get the rope.

    • MsB

      wow really and you would know cause your ass is on welfare. not all black man do that and first off did you every think that they we're in a bad places in the life so that's why they did something like this

  • MsB

    I hope the guy that got shoot is okay but really this 3 men don't need to go down for attempt murder. he didn't even die so why the charge that's bullshit