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Police: Teens Drugged Parents to Use Internet Past Curfew

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

drugged-picSACRAMENTO — Two teenage girls were arrested in Northern California this week after they used sleeping pill-laced milkshakes to drug one girl’s parents because they wouldn’t let her use the Internet past 10 p.m., police said.

The incident unfolded in Rocklin — about 20 miles northwest of Sacramento — the night of Dec. 28, when the parents fell asleep about an hour after drinking milkshakes their 16-year-old daughter and her 15-year-old friend brought them from a fast food restaurant, Rocklin police Lt. Lon Milka said Thursday.

The parents woke up in the middle of the night feeling “really groggy” with “hangover symptoms,” Milka said, but had not been drinking.

When they woke up again the next morning, they still felt “really odd,” Milka said, and “figured that something was wrong.”

The couple went to the Rocklin police station and picked up $5 drug kits typically used by parents to drug test their children, Milka said.

After the tests picked up traces of drugs, the parents contacted authorities and brought their daughter to the police station.

Investigators later learned the girls crushed prescription sleeping pills and put them in the milkshakes so the parents would fall asleep and they could use the Internet past the 10 p.m. curfew.

“Mom and Dad had the Internet cut off nightly at 10 p.m.,” Milka said. “The daughter wanted to use it past 10 because I guess they’re like most teenagers and the Internet is their life.”

The parents didn’t end up drinking all of the milkshakes because it was “kind of gritty” and “really funny tasting,” Milka said.

The girls, whose names were not released because of their ages, were booked on Dec. 31 in Placer County Juvenile Hall on suspicion of conspiracy and willfully mingling a pharmaceutical into food.

Milka said it would be up to prosecutors to decide whether charges would be filed.

Milka said it was unclear what websites the girls accessed while the parents were asleep.

“It’s the first I’ve ever heard of it,” he said. “Kids are crazy these days.”

-Los Angeles Times

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    • Roger

      If they were slightly 'medicated' with alcohol first they might not have noticed as quickly and that would explain why they had such a strong reaction to it.

    • Looking4Sanity

      They said they didn't finish the shakes. That makes me wonder how potent a dose they were poisoned by their children with. They would probably be dead now had they finished the dose.

  • WTE

    Hopefully these parents will disconnect the internet.
    I would also recommend taking away all their electronic devices and good ole fashion ass whipping

    • Looking4Sanity

      Why is it that you always go the the proposal of denying people their Constitutional Rights as a first option? I'll tell you why. You are a proponent of tyranny and totalitarianism. Your "solution" is the Sharia compliant response to Liberty.

      You know who should receive "a good old fashioned ass whuppin" and be banned from the world wide web? YOU!

        • Looking4Sanity

          As far as I'm aware, Islam blesses all forms of violence…and I'm surprised you'd even pretend not knowing that, Hadji!

          • Looking4Sanity

            You should never play with logic. You have no skill for it. your logical fallacies do not impress me.

          • WTE

            You are not very impressive either. Why not tell everyone how much you love violence?

            1 week ago @ – growl • 19 replies • -6 points

            I'm hoping for a nuclear holocaust myself. I wouldn't shed a tear if the whole country was reduced to cinders. It's no more than we deserve.

            So by your own logic you are shari compliant

          • Looking4Sanity

            Context, moron, context. It's ALL in the context. I invite EVERYONE to visit that link and see for themselves the context surrounding that comment. You just killed your own argument.

          • ★FALCON★

            He challenged me to search his profile, find some Muslim friendly posts and then post them. That took all of three minutes. And I posted them.

            Three weeks later he challenges me to the same – and claims I couldn't produce any after I reminded him we already had that exercise.

            He's clearly unhinged.

          • Roger

            Who ever you are, reading your posts here you are just not right in the head. From ass whippings to other things.

            For you to say anyone failed kind of lacks any credibility dude, just saying…

          • WTE

            Who ever I am? You have been stalking me from web site to web site for two years who are you trying to kid? You followed me to POP, growl, Front Page, Anti-war, WAYNE, and now here

          • Roger

            Where you said this? Reading your comments on this site you don't appear to be stable emotionally, or even familiar with the mind set in Southern California. I grew up there, you have stalked me and know that. I grew up watching this station and you don't have a clue what these great folks think like.

            13 minutes ago @ Birther Report: Obama … – Official Notice To Con… · 1 reply · +1 points
            Despised poster on the internet? You do realize ID is not the only posting site I belong to. Pretty sure I run a couple sites

          • WTE

            And your point is what. I blog on my different web sites some with ID many without.
            Remember saying this?

            Roger 162p • 4 days ago
            I wouldn’t stalk you if you weren’t such a hack

          • Roger

            Can you show the context on when you said this?

            "My chuckle is that Iran is going to slip one through our admittedly very porous southern border and then detonate this in a US city…"

          • WTE

            Nope, I never said that.

            If you accuse me of saying that please prove it,

            Innocent until proven guilty remember.

          • Roger

            Of course you did. Don't blame me if you're the kind of guy who advocates muslim friendly positions, like the time you declared jihad and wanted an entire town full of folks locked up and burned to death based on a mere rumor.

          • Roger

            OK where is your proof you didn't?

            You are a strange bird, aren't you? You don't sound like anyone from Southern California so I have to wonder if you're just a paid troll sitting at a work terminal someplace, did they assign you this station for a reason?

          • WTE

            So you admit to making wild accusations and you can't prove it.

            Funny, why not expalin this one to the readers in SoCal:

            Roger 165p • 22 minutes ago
            I worked my way to the top to the leader of NAMBLA. Do you know how many boys that takes?

          • Looking4Sanity

            There's no need, fool. Anyone interested can look it up for themselves. They are welcome to do so. I'm certain they don't need you to tell them what to think…even though you've appointed yourself to that job. I wonder how they feel about that?

          • Roger

            Wte, you have said in the past you chuckle over the idea of a dirty bomb coming over our porous southern border, so living in a glass house you might want to be careful what stones you throw.

            And it's clear islam advocates for violence in ways no other culture does.
            They even have a protocol on wife beating.

          • Roger

            That's why he was looking for a new site to spread his poison, the old ones already understood where he was coming from. Look at the bright side, his day at work sitting behind a work terminal meeting his quota of comments is over, we have another 14 hours before he starts posting stuff again.

          • ★FALCON★

            When he's really bored with the other sites – I see his little muffin hat pop up in my visitor bar.

            I know he's been beaten down when I see that little muffin hat.

          • ★FALCON★

            It's like being stalked. I'm waiting for him to scream "Allah Akbar" at the top of his lungs and come bursting through my front door.

    • Looking4Sanity

      Obviously these parents don't believe in corporal punishment. That being the case, their only option was to let the government do their job for them.

  • pamelam123

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  • Roger

    Fine, I stand corrected. A whipping isn't violence, what kind of old fashioned 'switch' would you want to have used on you as a first option?

    This clearly was a family functioning in ways that no family should function with. But it didn't start with big things, it started when they were small kids and grew into this. To think you can overlook all that history and jump into 'ass whippings' now to solve it? I don't see it.

  • WTE

    I agree. Some people feel it is like the poster above. This is the reason why kids get away with the things they do now a days. No real punishment. This is also the reason why many kids are so disrespectful now a days. They know they can get away with it.

  • Peacetrain

    Parents going to the police station to pick up drug testing kits? 10 p.m. drop time for using the computer? And during the Christmas break from school? These girls have been in trouble before. It was mentioned how much sleeping pills were used but if the parents had finished all of their milk shake, they could have been killed. I'm sure D.A. is going to look at past behavior of these girls to help decide what to do about the shake. What a way to spend New Year Eve and no good way to start the new year.

  • obbop

    Perfect candidates for the military schools of old that were often advertised in the rear of National Geographic magazines.

    Basically, a boot camp-type environment for out-of-control brats where no BS is tolerated.

    If it was my vile spawn I believe I would relinquish all rights and control and beg the judge to control the brat then I would move and do all I could so the fiend could never find me.

  • Aria

    CBS 13 news reports that the mother said this wasn't the first time their daughter has tried to drug her parents. Of course, the parents feared for their lives after confronting their daughter and she admitted she drugged them once again because they were to strict.

  • v_blackbird

    The kids are losers! I think the 10PM curfew is more than fair. These idiot kids should be glad the parents let them use the internet at all. Lock them up in juvinile hall and let them see how much they get to use the internet.