LAPD Officers Allegedly Forced Women to Have Sex

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Two veteran LAPD officers are under investigation for allegedly forcing women to have sex with them, according to court documents obtained by the L.A. Times.

Officers Luis Valenzuela and James Nichols targeted at least four women whom they had arrested previously or who worked for them as informants, according to a search warrant reviewed by The Times.

The documents allege that the officers lured the women to unmarked cars, drove them to secluded areas and forced them to have sex under the threat of jail.

The alleged attacks took place over a period of five years when Valenzuela and Nichols worked as narcotics officers in the Hollywood Division.

Investigators have identified four women who made similar independent accusations against them.

The warrant cites sexually explicit text messages that one alleged victim claims she exchanged with the officers after their encounters.

Last month, investigators obtained the woman’s cellphone and computers in hopes of finding the messages the officers are alleged to have written.

Investigators had planned to confront the officers in a surprise operation early next week.

However, they were forced to accelerate those plans Thursday, when one of the women unexpectedly filed a lawsuit against the officers.

Fearing that Valenzuela and Nichols might destroy evidence, investigators rushed to sequester the officers and seize their computers and phones, police confirmed.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck emphasized Thursday that the investigation was ongoing, but added that he was “saddened by the allegations. If they are true, it would be horrific,” he said.

Valenzuela, a 15-year department veteran, and Nichols, a 12-year veteran, were expected to be assigned to their homes pending the outcome of the probe, according to The Times.

Read more at the L.A. Times.

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  • Jim Strausbaugh

    I’m sure these aren’t the first guys to do this, and not the last. Power crazed guys, who feel they are getting screwed, so they take it out on helpless addicts.

  • mark

    C'MON THESE AIN'T NOTHING BUT HO'S ANYWAY!……and why the f**k didn't they say anything about IT for 5 years?…..THATS A PRETTY LONG TIME TO DO SOMETHING AGAINST YOUR WILL !…LMFAO at these trumped up bulls**t charges!…anybody could say that about any street cop………the only thing these cops have going against them is.THEY ARE LAPD…..and people are out to get them……..wonder why these nasty filthy bitches didnt ever get a damn job so they could become normal people?….hey if your selling p***y on the street,anything can happen to you………this is just another bulls** charge against cops……..i dont believe these ho's,and nor should you……nor should this be in the news…………..why dont they start doing news stories about the 2 million illegal mexicans doing 1000 crimes an hour in this f***ed up city?….wonder why nobody wants to talk about that subject?…..this place is a f***ing freakshow and you wanna tell us about a couple cops gettin a BJ from some reject chix selling their ass on the street!…WTF?????????????????????????

  • guest one

    above what i see are some not-so-cute examples of men who have grown up in our rape culture. wishing you peace, truth, all that is beautiful, and justice for you and all of your loved ones….and may you also challenge yourself to better understand trauma and its impacts.

  • Kelly

    Why is there no photos of the two cops anywhere? The public have the right to see who we been paying to do these crimes? And prosecute them and throw them in jail for a life time.

  • Fullerton PD

    The police will not release other police photos unless they are convicted, unfortunately they take care of their own and there is a bill of rights specifically for the cops, thanks to prior governor, Gray Davis, for California, The Policeman's Bill of Right's" sucks.
    Check out the case for an officer by the name Albert Rincon, For years he worked for both the LAPD and the Fullerton PD, he would scope out women he wanted who worked in bars (like a serial predator) that no one would believe or care about, make up some sort of trumped up charges, handcuff them, throw them in the back of his squad car and molest them, then usually drop the charges and dump them off. If the women tried to file a report the report diappeared and/or the woman was not taken seriously, finally a couple women got Rincon in trouble, yet he still had his job with the Fullerton police-read the depo online if you don't believe me. Rincon was never charged for a crime and so his photo was never released to the public. He still walks around free and is not real known what he looks like. Finally, last year, someone from the public, was able to find his picture on Facebook and released that in a small hometown paper.

  • James Coker

    Why don’t they legalize prostitution?? It’s funny how they arrest people when
    police and politicians do it all the time. Prostitution is a human right !!

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