Tech Resolutions for The New Year

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By: Rich DeMuro
Jan. 4, 2013

We love our phones, photos and MP3s, but we know we could be better organized in this digital world. And, a new year means a new opportunity for a fresh start.

So, we hit the streets to find out your tech resolutions for 2013.

Resolution: Get an iPad and consolidate my life into one device.

Tip: A cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox can help. Drag your files into a special folder on your desktop and they’ll be accessible on your tablet.

Resolution: Get better at email by using features like spam filter and delete things so I won’t be “…an email hoarder.”

Tip: You don’t have to delete it!

You can start fresh with an account at like Gmail. Then connect your previous account to a service like CloudMagic so you can still search through your old messages.

Resolution: Organize my MP3 library.

Tip: A program like TuneUp can help.

It listens to your songs, adds album art, tags and makes your file names look pretty.

Resolution: Finally take the Apple class my husband bought for me two years ago. And, stop texting while I’m driving.

Tip: Sounds like a great resolution for all of us.

What’s your New Year’s tech resolution? Share at and let me know!

Links mentioned:

Google Drive –

Dropbox –

CloudMagic –

Tune Up –

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