Teen Disappears After Leaving New Year’s Eve Party

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. (KTLA) — The search continues for a teenage girl who has been missing since leaving a New Year’s Eve party in Santa Clarita.

Sarah Alarid, 19, of Canyon Country, left the party around 3 a.m., saying she was going home, according to friends.

She was driving a 2002 silver Ford Focus hatchback, license plate No. 4WXE737.

The car has a faded decal of the pink cancer ribbon on the left side of the rear window

The party was at a friend’s house on on Poppy Meadow Street in Santa Clarita.

Sarah was last seen wearing a black T-shirt, ripped blue jeans, a red sweater and a blue and gray plaid sweater.

She is 5′ 05″, 110 lbs., has reddish brown hair and hazel eyes.

“We started out putting out flyers and putting out a methodical grid from where she was last seen,” her father, Mike Alarid, said.

“As people are coming in we just keep sending them out to certain locations so we can document and check off where we’ve been.”

“She was with friends,” Mr. Alarid said.

“They’re all helping, they’re all looking for her. She just left the party saying she wanted to come home.”

According to her father, Sarah’s last phone call was at 3:41 a.m.

“That’s not like her,” he said.

“She’s always communicating with someone, whether it’s with us or her friends. We haven’t heard anything from her since that point.”

He said the family plans to start a Facebook page to get the word out, and they’re working on organizing a large search effort this weekend.

Sarah has tattoo of a gun on her left middle finger, a tattoo of a flower on her right middle finger, a tattoo of a skull on her right shoulder, a tattoo of three bats on her left calf, a tattoo of a moon containing the face of the character “Oogie Boogie” from the Nightmare Before Christmas movie on her right calf, under the moon on her right calf is two trees covered in some fog, a tattoo of a red and black sun on her inner left forearm.

She also has two lip piercings, a tongue piercing and ear gauges in both ears.

Anyone with information regarding her whereabouts is asked to call the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Station at 661 255-1121.

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  • Steve

    Was the last phone call made at the party, or after she left? To her parents? Or they looking at phone records. Soledad Canyon to where? She live towards LA or Palmdale? Was she drinking a lot? I'd question everyone at that party. POLYGRAPH them.

    • nikki

      She lives roughly 15 minute drive from where she was that night, more towards the middle of the city than LA or Palmdale. It was a local missing thing, she had no reason to go outside of Santa Clarita.

  • Jamie

    Oh, give it a rest borp. You have NO idea how you'd react in a similar situation. There is probably a state of shock and denial one goes through when dealing with something like this. Especially when there's no solid evidence of foul play, as of yet. He's on a mission to get the word out on his missing daughter, & you can tell that's his sole focus.

  • amy

    If there are any ditches next to those roads but not visible from the road, that is where they need to check. She could have fallen asleep at the wheel and ended up in a deep ravine.

    • nikki

      There's absolutely no ditches on these roads. Santa Clarita is a suburban neighborhood. with a lot of sidewalks and a lot of bike lanes, there are no ravines or ditches for her to fall into.

      • dcrim

        Untrue…Placerita Cyn. which is only 3 miles or so from there, has deep ravines through a winding canyon in which cars have accidents in all the time…but the authorities would most likely have found the accident site, if that was the case. If she had been drinking which is likely, she could have been disoriented and ended up in any number of secluded canyons which can be very unsafe. I am keeping her in my earnest prayers!!

  • amy

    A couple years ago there was a missing man on lake Hughes road. They searched and couldn't find him. His son combed the areas AGAIN, in areas that had been searched and finally found him. And also another car that had been lost in the same place. They thought it was completely visible but it wasn't. And cell phone wouldn't work there! Good luck, may God keep her safe.

  • Bobbi

    hes a firefigther of many years so calm is hiw world. I would be a basket case if that was my child but everyone is differant.
    Lets just find her and bring her home!
    My prayers are with Mike and his family!

  • Will Spyrison

    I have known Mike for 8 years Mike and had the honor of Supervising Mike for 6 years. Mike is a the Superintendent of the Bear Divide Hotshots. leaders remain calm under pressure and in stressful situations. Mike is calm thinks clearly and will act decisively in searching Daughter. Mike and his family needs are thought and prayers to support the search effort to bring Sarah home safe and sound!

  • Smokey

    Possibilities: someone at the party might have observed the 'argument' and Sarah leaving alone. Sometimes when teenagers argue at NYE parties there could be an element of "grandstanding". Someone observed this and the fact of her leaving alone. It's possible that she was invited to another party and followed that someone to a new location (hence, no car break-down). This is not necessarily a bad thing in itself but it widens the net on who she might have met at the 2nd "stop". Who was at the initial party?. Who were the players there? I can only surmise that that someone left around the same time.

  • Kat0321

    This is a sad situation but what was doing at a party at 3am? Yeah yeah shes 19 but still who stays out that late especially on new years? Blame the parents for giving their children too much freedom this is what ends up happening.

    • Guest

      And did you see the list of tattoos that she has? I wouldn't be surprised if there was other stuff in her system, aside from being drunk.

      • Jus Sayin

        Are you serious, you are a douche bag…just because someone has tattoos doesnt mean they are a drug user or sum bag….Jesus had long hair, dod that make him an 80's drug using 80's hair band lead singer!! LOL….stop accusing…just pray you never lose someone close you dumb ass.

  • Guest

    RIP Sarah, If you nothing nice to say please keep it to yourselves. A young lady lost her life, her family is grieving. Don't make assumptions about something you have no clue about.

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