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Woman Held in Toddler’s Chili Powder Death

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


APPLE VALLEY, Calif. (KTLA) — A wpolice-line400oman has been arrested in the death of a toddler who police say was made to ingest chili powder — perhaps as a punishment.

Amanda Sorensen, 21, of Apple Valley, was detained early Monday morning on suspicion of child abuse resulting in death.

San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies were called to the 20000 block of Cayuga Road at 4:16 p.m. Sunday for a child suffering from a seizure after ingesting chili powder.

The 2-year-old girl was taken to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Sorensen is believed to be the girlfriend of the child’s father.

An autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death.

Neighbors told KTLA that they have witnessed abuse in the home before.

“They fight like crazy,” one man said. “I went over there one day to help with the car. She came out asking when he was going to get done so they could get the kids from school.”

“He just flew off the handle and just smacked the dog out of her,” he recalled.

Sorensen is being held on $500,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday, Jan. 9.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Homicide Detail, Detective Rob Trostle or Sergeant Rick Bessinger at (909)387-3589.

If you want to remain anonymous, you can call the We-tip Hotline at 1-800-78-CRIME (27463), or leave information on the We-Tip Hotline at

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  • julie - a UK mum

    I would not normally get into the comments on an article such as this, but some of the previous comments are rather shocking.

    It seems to be that in most comments its extreme, either all for punisments and shouty about it, or prefect parent types.
    I am niether, i'm not abusive nor am I perfect, plain old average parent.

    I did not know chilli was danegrous. Both of my sons loved spiced food from an early age. Homemade curry, chilli con carne etc at a year old. We even grow chilli plants – so I must be evil right?

    Please folks, read the story. I do not feel the step Mum knew it was dangerous, or deadly, but I do think she thought was a bit mean. My point being, I feel she might have been wrong, but the intention to make someone uncomfortable and intention to kill or not even close.

    Why do articles like this always become a witch hunt? I could be wrong, maybe this lady did intend to kill. Or maybe I'm the good kind of niave, I honestly think she's not a monster.
    If I'm wrong, I'm wrong – at the end of it all a little angel has died. Wether its murder or accident should be for your courts to decide – rather than an angry online mob.

    • someone in the mist

      Chili itself isnt harmful but the powder it is made into. Any powder form can kill a child because their little lungs dont know how to handle it. Even grown adults can have reactions to anything in powder form. Powder can get stuck to the mouth, throat, etc and cause a person/child to choke. The chili in a child can cause swelling in the throat.

  • Guest C

    Are you nuts "mom who cares"? You don't have to KNOW that chili powder can kill a child…..if you are sane, you would NEVER try to "punish" a 2 year old using such a method. She certainly SHOULD be judged – and harshly. God has nothing to do with this.

  • Concerned

    I do know the mother and she is no better than the father, the children were taken away from her because of the drinking and partying that goes on in the home, the boyfriend she is with now is nothing but trash, an abuser and she tolerates it. I do hope the courts put the remaining children in good homes and away from both parents. The homes are disgustingly dirty, and the kids were kept that way as well. Just look look at the pic from the news and it tells you all, and that beautiful baby had to die because of the lowlifes that these parents choose to be with. Why do women have children when they can't even provide for them and of course first step is to go to welfare!!!!! That baby is safe now and in heaven and won't have to go thru life with these horrible parents. Put the Dad's ass in jail too for neglect!


    My heart goes out to the mother of this child, i have a four year old daughter and this story is truly heartbreaking! Our society is so broken…SOMEONE should have spoken up about any type of abuse when it concerns children. As for the father if he had even an ounce of ability to parent he should have not been able to be in custody of that precious little baby girl. I swear people should have to undergo intensive testing before being able to care for another human being, not all those who are able to procreate doesnt mean they are mentally able. I pray for God to take care of this beautiful baby girl and keep her safe now from any harm.

  • Insider

    EVERYONE in this family is to blame. The children were used as pawns in a family rivalry. Everyone in the family, aunts, grandmother and friends knew that these children were not being treated properly by Amanda yet they did nothing, no they did less than nothing they caused more harm by playing games amongst themselves and they still are. The saddest thing of all is that not one member of this completely disfunctional family has learned a damn thing from this tragic death. So just keep playing the games Garcia-Perkins-Silva-Galvan- Sorensen family and hope this doesnt happen to any of yours.

    • apatty

      regardless of what happens to the adults, i sincerely hope and pray that the children get the help they need, and lead healthy and productive lives.

      • Insider

        Completely agreed the surviving children need to be the priority. They should not be released to anyone in the twisted family.

        • TheTruthBeTold


    • someone knowsmore

      All families are dysfunctional to some degree. You are just here to kick them when they're down and hurting and vulnerable. Trying to name names is despicable and serves no purpose but for you to try to make yourself feel more important. Leave them alone while they try to figure this whole thing out! It's so easy to criticize at this point, but serves no useful or helpful purpose.
      If you have nothing helpful to say, don't say anything!


    bottom line mother,father,step mom and all involved had no business having any children in the first place!!!!!!! its obvious none of these people have the first clue on how to raise kids much less keeping them safe and sound!! makes you wonder who raised them?? they obviously come from a long blood line of TOTAL STUPIDITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • someone knowsmore

      You are wrong. This is a senseless tragedy, but your comment certainly makes it obvious that you come from that "long blood line" yourself!

  • someone

    Its pretty sad when the father wants to throw a party after the baby girls funeral…..does that sound like a good idea from a father who should be worrying about the future of his other 3 children? Parties are not the best choice after burying your 2 yr old daughter. Sounds like he doesnt deserve the other 3 children. No one in the family does. Not even her mother. These children need to be placed with foster parents that have proved to the state they will grow up in loving, caring homes!

          • ThisIsA Mess

            Funerals, but no parties… Hmm, I guess someone does know more. Stop trying to pretend that you know so much.

          • someone

            Right….no party cuz he got called out on it…..well the father is still asking people for donations to help bury his daughter that is already buried. What a low life POS he is…..Not to mention, selling Amanda's horse, which he had NO right to do. If he no longer wanted to care for the horse, he could have sent it to her mothers house. And then he pockets the money. He is a POS and he should not be allowed to have any more children nor be allowed to accept any more donations to bury his child.

          • Ya Right

            If you check your facts, which you should, Amanda's horse was not sold but is in fact living with Amanda's mother in Riverside and as far as the "party" goes, people do it all the time some call it a wake, some call it a celebration of life some may choose to call it a party, get over it. Dont get me wrong, I do believe that many things are not being done right but to focus on this so called party is just an attempt to make Ben look worse.

  • Shan

    Dear God, please protect me from making any type of irrational mistake, the people on earth will crucify me before I can be forgiven.

  • patriothere

    You don't have a brother. Everything you say is suspect. Everything you say is a lie. You are a paid hack troll who says things that only a troll would say and act like a troll.

    When you continue to bring up old and tired lies even after being taught and shown where you were wrong, that makes you a troll.

  • Alinsky USA HERO

    You were on a ruse to cover up the fact you have never had a girlfriend, long before I took your racist brother's pic.

    You have no excuse for looking like a faggot online.

    • Roger

      So you admit you are using a pic of my brother you trolled off facebook.
      That's called stalking and that's why you don't deserve to have any personal information about me.

      And you just stay here below the radar screen where the big people won't make you nervous…

      coward. And to think you pretended to have media experience and you're afraid of one little web site? That's funny, what happened did you look in there and see 'harsh lighting' or something?

      • Alinsky USA HERO

        So I admit? I told you I am using your brother's pic until you say if you have a girlfriend.

        But you don't care about your brother. you care more about trying to cover up the fact you have never had sex with a woman.

        Navy is terrified of me. You can't change that history. Just like you can't make anybody believe you have a girlfriend.

        • Roger

          So you admit you're a stalker and are a creep who deserves to hear nothing, nothing about anyone. Particularly from the vicims you're currently stalking.

          So, you and patriot are taking turns now? What happened, are you defunded down to one cleric now at the trista parsi troll brigade?

          • Alinsky USA HERO

            You still looking for any excuse to explain away the fact that you have never mentioned having a girlfriend to anybody, even on navy's site?

            Liberace used your same tactic, but it didn't work for him either.

          • Roger

            It't not a dating site, so it's none of their business. And they don't care either. You read navy's site? And were too scared to comment? Typical.

          • Alinsky USA HERO

            Why are you the only conservative that won't mention a girlfriend? Everybody on Navy's site mentions their love. Why do you use the same excuses that Liberace did during his life?

          • Alinsky USA HERO

            I use your brothers pic to prove that you don't have a girlfriend, and you can't do anything about it.

          • Alinsky USA HERO

            I do know. We all know. Yiur ruse to stay quiet , doesn't work. There is nio doubt that you don't have a girlfriend.

          • Roger

            You don't know jack. Other than what one old pic of my brother looks like.And there is no doubt you dream of finding out more, but it wont' be from me, and it won't be on this forum.

  • Y. Acton

    Shame on anyone that mentions any family members name, first or last. This story is about an innocent 2 year old that is now dead. To use this sad story to disrespect any other people that you dont like is just stupid. If you all know them so well than get some courage and tell them what you think to thier faces not on the internet behind some fake name. This story is more complicated then any of you know, this family will be living this story long after it has faded from the headlines, give them room to grieve.

    • Ya Right

      Grieve, really, the family didn't care about these kids until one of them died. Now that they are in the spot light they are putting on a show. They are all scumbags, both sides of the family.

      • someone

        I do have to agree with you on the fact they are putting on a show. Its pretty sad that an innocent child had to die as well. Its pretty sad that the father wanted more kids but couldn't handle the ones he had already! When I heard he was thinking of getting himself "fixed" I asked him what took him so long to realize he didn't need anymore kids!? He didn't know what to say in response.

  • Alinsky USA HERO

    Why can't you spell principles and principals correctly, dumb shit?

    Plus, I think the vagina on your face is the reason you don't have a girlfriend.

      • Alinsky USA HERO

        Fact!!! Roger doesn't know the difference between principals and principles.

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        • Roger

          Fact, you want violent overthrow in sharia style.You think I've forgotten your early comments about things?I think it's time I start dragging them out again. That 'chop chop' was just the beginning.

          • Alinsky USA HERO

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          • Alinsky USA HERO

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          • Alinsky USA HERO

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          • Roger

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          • Alinsky USA HERO

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          • Roger

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          • Roger

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  • Alinsky USA HERO

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  • Jenn

    Amanda Sorenson was caring for the kid of another woman and the sperm donor, when she ought to have been in college, learning skills and getting ready to travel the world. HELL"s BELLs, I had no idea that ingesting chili powder could kill. There are so many things wrong here; Where was the child's father, his parents, his grandparents, and what kind of idiot leaves a 21 year old child-adult in charge of 4 small kids? That is way too much responsibility, and my guess, she was used as a Free BabySitter. Women: SHUN MEN who want to dump their kids onto your door, UNLESS they provide a Nanny and at least $25.00 an hour in cash.

    • someone

      Amanda had attended Marinello School of Beauty and was supposedly working at a cosmetologist on days she didnt have to watch the kids full time. The "sperm donor" is still legally married to the childs biological mother, yet lives and is in a relationship with Amanda ( well was until the day his child died) and had a child with Amanda shortly after little Jolenne was born. Amanda was a homewrecker but so was the father as he was screwing around with Amanda long before she moved in to the home where the biological mother and the father lived together. Once she found out, biological mother left. She got into drugs, alcohol, etc and had lost custody. Amanda was caring for his 3 children from his wife and her child from him. His parents live in Riverside, they lived in Apple Valley, a good 30-45 minutes away. She was not a free babysitter as she lived in the home where this incident occurred. HE supposedly was out "working" either shoeing horses ( Farrier/Blacksmith) or "welding" and supposedly was being treated for eye flash from welding at the same hospital the child was taken to where she was pronounced dead. Also, supposedly, the babysitter they had just recently fired was sitting in their home which I would have considered the crime scene, after all this happened waiting probably for the father to come home. They were a VERY dysfunctional family!