Sarah Alarid’s Body Recovered in Sand Canyon Ravine

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SAND CANYON (KTLA) – The body of Sarah Alarid, the Canyon Country teen who has been missing since leaving a New Year’s Eve party, was found on Wednesday.

The 19-year-old left the party around 3 a.m., telling friends she was headed home.

But when she never arrived, family members notified authorities and the search began.

It ended Wednesday morning when Alarid’s body, and her silver Ford Focus hatchback, were found 200 feet down a ravine off Sand Canyon Road near the Bear Divide Access Road and Little Tujunga Canyon Road.

Investigators from the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office were dispatched to the scene, along with LA County Fire and the LA County Sheriff’s Department.

“We have confirmation that it is the missing girl from Canyon Country,” said Lt. Dave Dolson of the LA County Sheriff’s Department.

“All indications are right now that it’s an accident scene.  There’s no indication of foul play, but investigators are still processing the scene.”

Sarah Alarid’s parents Mike and Laura Alarid, who had gone to the scene of a reported shallow grave in Big Tujunga Canyon earlier in the morning, went instead to the scene above the ravine on Sand Canyon Road where Sarah’s car was recovered.

The family later thanked everyone who participated in the search for the well-loved teenager.

“We want to say Thank You to all the friends, family and the community of Sarah Alarid. Your support has been amazing. Our gratitude towards everyone’s efforts can not be expressed enough along with the generous donations from the community.

Special thanks to all the volunteers, facebook community, fire fighters, search and rescue, law enforcement authorities, media, local business owners, and… the entire community for all the support!

Everyone has been asking how they can help, we need help taking down the posters and flyers through the streets of Santa Clarita and surrounding areas.

We love and miss Sarah very much! Please respect the family’s time of grieving. Not only is this a tragedy for the family but also for the community and we understand that. Comfort and prayers are needed now for all.”

The family is holding a candle light vigil tonight at 8:00pm at  Todd Longshore Park 28151 White Canyon Road in Canyon County.

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  • William

    I followed this story when it first broke and I hope and prayed for Sarah's safe return home, as a parent to four girls, my heart is broken that she did not make it home safely, I am truly sorry and I wish to offer my heartfelt condolences to her family and friends, may the Lord welcome her in heaven with open arms.

  • Kevin Martin

    I'm the meteorologist that issued the private Freeze Warnings for Black Ice in that area on New Years Eve. NOAA did not issue a thing for that area. I took control of what they should have done to warn those people.
    Senior Meteorologist
    Southern California Weather

    • Sam

      When you drive too fast this happens. When someone coming at you crosses over the center line, this happens. If your tire blows out, this happens. What's your point? Get classy dude.

    • whoseadouche?

      O.K. Captain obvious, I wasn't aware you where there with Sarah on that mountain road when she crashed, or at the party either. How do you know she had drinks? She could've fallen asleep at the wheel or maybe a animal crossed her path causing her to swerve.

  • Joe

    First off, for the people speculating all this garbage, your idiots. Who cares if she had been drinking, who cares if she had pot in the car. The fact here is that she passed away and there is no reason why her death should be looked at any diffrent then from that of a diffrent matter. Its funny how some of you fucking assholes are so insensitive to such a tragedy. Furthermore, if you dont have anything nice to say; shut the fuck up!!! and continue on with your miserable Facebook posting lives!

  • Bigearrings

    I can;t believe how you people make up stories on someone that you don't even know. The fact that no one knows why she was on that road that late at night instead of going home will probably always be a mystery, but I was at her friend's house that night and now I am happy to be the one that Sarah spent her last few hrs. alive talking in front a TV and I KNOW she was NOT DRUNK! she had been sober and was proud of it because she had lost a lot of weight and she looked beautiful! so for you "person" that said that you knew her and that you know she drunk at parties…shame on on you because obviously, you did not know her THAT well….My angel Sarah, may you rest in peace