L.A. City Council Considers Pothole Tax

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LA City Council Considers Pothole Tax

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Potholes seem to be everywhere in Los Angeles, but a new plan to fix them could put a hole in the pockets of homeowners.

Lawmakers are calling for a $3 billion bond measure paid in property taxes over 29 years. They want to get it on the ballot this May.

L.A. City Councilman Mitch Englander says Angelenos spend on average $750 per year on car repairs caused by bad city streets. He wants to fix the whole system.

Fixing the roads sounds like a great idea to most drivers, but what about raising taxes to do it?

Englander admits that a tax isn’t really fair, but says that city leaders of the past have put Los Angeles in this mess.

“I’m so aggravated on how we got here. There’s been so many mistakes made,” Englander said.

“There’s no question the revenue streams that come in that is dedicated specifically for streets has been depleted,” he added.

According to Englander, $100 million per year from the city’s general fund is not enough to fix the problem. But, he says, the bond measure would do the trick.

For every $100,000 in property value, taxpayers would pay an average of $35 more per year. Englander wants voters to decide if it’s worth it.

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  • Neanderthal

    I don't think $35 / $100K can fix all the potholes. I think $1,000 / $ 100K is much more appropriate. You voted for Moonbeam so why be timid with the taxing, you knew it was coming, he told you so!!! The faster and higher they tax the carp out of the 15% of fools who are still paying taxes, the faster and more complete the wagon will come apart. I will be interesting to see that whole dogdang mess 'crash and burn'…

  • Bruce MacMahon

    Forgive me if I have no sympathy for anyone complaining about this tax proposal who also re-elected (again and again) the corrupt, incompetent horses backsides who are just itching to ram this tax through.

  • RightStuff

    When a city proposes a separate tax to fix potholes, you can bet your bottom dollar that the city is spending taxpayers' money on things they shouldn't be spending it on. I've never seen it any differently in over 40 years in city/school finance. You need to fire your elected officials, and fast!

  • Guest

    The state collected an extra $3 billion in gasoline tax last year. Where did the money went? Give the cult a raise? Clearly do you think the pothole tax will fix the road? Or more money in some administrative fees and disappear?

  • Pothole Victim

    From LA Times, 8.13.12

    Only $1 million of over $100 million earmarked for street repair comes from the general fund.

    We will be spending close to $800 due to a damaged tire and cracked rim when I hit a pothole. This includes replacing both and an alignment. Ugghhh!!! In spite of this, I don't agree with adding a new tax.

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