Study Says Junior Seau Had Degenerative Brain Disease

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BETHESDA, Md. (KTLA) — New information released Thursday in the death of Junior Seau claims the NFL Hall of Famer had a degenerative brain disease linked to repeated head trauma.

The National Institutes of Health concluded Seau suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, typically caused by repeated hits to the head.

The condition cseaucauses symptoms such as depression, impulsivity and forgetfulness.

Seau played 20 seasons with three teams, most notably the San Diego Chargers from 1990-2002.

He died after a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest at his Oceanside home in May.

Seau was 43 years old.

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  • ktlaviewer

    Unfortunate tragedy caused by lack of awareness. I hope the NFL does not sweep this under the rug. Traumatic Brain Injury is a serious thing. Much needed awareness for the prevention, research and treatment is underway.

    Read up on Brewer Sports International and Amarantus BioSciences and the launch #C4CT to raise awareness for concussion treatments in development.

  • wajlmao

    Do people really need to be warned that taking the hits you get in football are not good for you?
    I have a warning , standing in the street and being hit by cars repeatedly is not good for you either.

    • Kev

      wajlmao….you are right about the hits not being good for you. Most of these guys play for the love of the game and of course if they are as great as Seau was they get paid for their talents. If you asked most of them, they would say the risk is worth the reward. Junior made a ton of money over his career, unfortunately the multitude of hits took their toll. Still, as long as the NFL keeps paying big contracts, you will get guys willing to go out and put their health on the line. It is amazing to think that there is not more suicides by ex-NFL players suffering from the same disease. I loved watching Junior play and feel terribly for his family and loved ones.

  • Frank

    We talk about these "hits" as if the game of football encourages using your head as a weapon. It doesn't. The problem is that the individual football player, and someone like Seau who is in a position to make an awful lot of helmet shots, are ultimately responsbile for what happens to their noodle. Guys like Seau, especially in this age of the game, thrive on that "hit." I still remember reading Ronnie Lott describe that moment of impact in an interview in which everything around him slows down and how his eyes roll back in his head, like a great white shark attacking, at the moment of impact. Is the NFL sweeping the issue under the covers? Yes. Is it their responsibility? Insofar as they make players aware of the consequnces of head shots and levy fines or suspensions for taking them but the onus is on the player.

  • ArtHowser

    In re: first poster's comment on awareness. I agree. And to the others, yes athletes obviously should know that ramming one's head into someone else can cause brain injury. IMO, the focus now needs to be made on treatment, e.g., physical check-ups especially for those at risk, providing channels for those seeking help.

    I read up on some info behind the #C4CT campaign and Amarantus. Amarantus, although their findings are still in pre-clinical, they seem to have very positive results as far as reinnervation in portions of the brain. This news was recently released. Hopefully their research will become their answer for those seeking treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury.

    Thank you for sharing that info, ktlaviewer.

  • melbaback

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