Teacher’s Aide Accused of Assaulting Young Student

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CORONA, Calif. (KTLA) — A teachers aide in the Corona-Norco Unified School District is accused of sexual assaulting a young student.

Police in Corona say it started two years ago when Steven Martinez, 22, allegedly befriended an 11-year-old student at Orange Elementary School.

Authorities say Martinez soon started sending her messages through social media and text.

“They were texts asking the victim for photographs of herself,” said Corona police Lt. Alan Lorton.

The parents of the alleged victim, who is now 13, contacted police on Monday after seeing the text messages.steven-martinez

Police now say it appears the messaging relationship may have turned physical.

“There’s an allegation of attempted forced oral copulation,” Lorton said.

Martinez was arrested on Wednesday at Garretson Elementary in Corona.

According to authorities, he splits his time as an educational aide between Garretson and Orange elementary schools.

On his Facebook page, Martinez describes himself as a substitute teacher who lives for “God, Family, Friends.”

He was booked for investigation of aggravated child sexual assault and sending harmful matter to seduce a child, jail records show.

Martinez is being held at the Larry D. Smith Correctional facility in Riverside in lieu of $1 million bail.

Police believe there may be other victims and urge anyone with information to call 951-817-5789.

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    • Guest

      in all seriousness i've always said that the only way to 'cure' these sick guys is to rip there nuts off. This would do everything that jail, a chair or mental hospital will never do.

    • Jennifer

      Removing the genital isn't going to stop guys these from doing anything. They'll have thoughts and find other ways to commit sickening crimes.

  • One man one voice

    He looks like he has been crying. I hope the other inmates give him a big dose of his own medicine. Scum of the earth.

  • High school friend

    Wow, I used to eat lunch in high school with this guy.
    Crazy how people who would do these things are sitting next to you almost everyday….

    • H.S. close friend

      i use to eat there everyday too. i know every one of the people that would sit there and as far as i know, they are still his friend. so who are you? are you just turning your back on him now because something happened? shows what good of a friend you were.

  • Dana

    A parent helper in the Corona area, Centin high I believe, who was a "Cheer parent" was drugging and sexually assaulting girls….he too is charged. How come that is not on the news…he has been doing it for years….

    • guest

      why don't you wait until more facts come out about this case and the allegations before you wish such terrible things on a person, you dumbass

  • Joe Park

    Why would anyone hire a young guy to ever work around young children? You’re just asking for these kinds of problems when you do. He’s done…put a fork into him. He’ll be convicted and forever be labelled a 290 Registrant…aka Megan’s law website for sex offenders.

    • brailee

      I was one of the students who was around him last year. He never seemed terrible. But some times its the people you would never suspect… This school has retarded staff,the hired an ILLEGAL Mexican as the castodian. I hope Steven rots in hell…

        • H.S. close friend

          well why isn't anyone looking into her Facebook or her way of portraying herself??? i mean yeah he's older by age but in all fairness his maturity level isn't exactly up to his age and with his parents, they are a few years apart and if you read into it, they were talking and texting for two years. it wasn't just a sudden thing. she obviously was messing with him for more than just one night

  • Kev

    The father in this case blew his big chance. He should have met this douche at school and beat the hell out of him and then called the police and informed them of the text messages. No court would have ever convicted him of battery!

  • Presleyman327

    Bottom line…anyone can commit theses crimes. There's no age or race. The problem is there are a lot of sick people in the world and this could happen to anyone. You can't trust people and it's gotten to where you have to be cautious OR ELSE! Protect yourselves and protect your children from monsters like these.


    i go to that school i saw the ktla 5 truck and my aces teacher mr stevens pour mr stevens he is not realy my aces teacher but were really close he was a 2nd grade aces teacher.

  • guest

    What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Did everyone overlook the fact that he was booked for INVESTIGATION? So far, I have missed the part where anyone has mentioned a conviction. I'm not a parent but if i were this would undoubtedly be one of my worst nightmares. However, if I were a parent I would also hope and pray that my child would have the right to a fair trial and to not be prematurely persecuted for something he has not been proven guilty of. The "investigation" part is crucial because there is a very big difference between someone who is communicating with a child (which I already agree was inappropriate) and someone who is actually molesting a child. In my opinion, some of the things people are commenting and saying over at such an early stage in this investigation are a little extreme to me. Good, bad or indifferent there is so much more to this case that we don't know yet.

  • guest

    i feel bad for him…i knew him and i never would have thought he was this kind of person =/ he was always so chill and fun to talk to…i was really upset to hear this.

  • Guest

    Wow I knew him too, and this is crazy. Everyone who graduated with him Is already made their judgments against him and even it's good or bad, his life in norco is ruined.I just hope he didn't actually touch her inappropriately.

  • Guest

    Bail set at 1 million dollars means they're taking this case pretty seriously, and you would expect that they have the evidence to back it up.

  • Guest

    I hope this is all a misunderstanding. I know it may be naive to hope that much, but he's so young and has his entire life in front of him… or had. Praying for both families involved.

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