Twin Sisters Hit, Killed While Brawling in Street

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LEIMERT PARK, Calif. (KTLA) — Police are investigating an incident in which twin sisters were fatally struck early Sunday by a vehicle as they were brawling in the street.

The women apparently had been fighting with each other about 3 a.m. Sunday when their altercation moved into the roadway in the 4200 block of Leimert Boulevard.

They were struck and killed by a man driving a Ford truck, who couldn’t stop in time.

Both women died at the scene. Their identities were not immediately released. Police said they were about 30 and lived in the area.

It remains unclear what the women were fighting about, according to police. The driver of the truck is not expected to face any charges.

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  • Tea time

    This is embarrassing – and what were they fighting over? Something trival and stupid. One didnt have the common sense not to put your business in the streets let alone your life. This is reality tv in the hood. There's no one yelling cut – it's just the end – ridiculous!

    • velvet nelson

      This is there cousin velvet!! To any and everybody who read this.. dont speak on what u dont no r what hear in the news.. this is real for me and my family.. if u not going to say nothing nice dont say it at all.. y they were fighting!! And who they were fighting dont matter.. they were killed and r no longer here show some f respect for my family n r time of lost.. Thank u.. keep ur comments to ur self.. u have nothing better to do then sit around and judge another person and there life.. grow up. Stop out of the media speaking on things u no nothing about.. I Love U twins.. its not ur fought u r gone..

  • Kandyce J.

    ^^^^^ rude , either way , if its right wrong, ghetto or not , someone still died and it sad, a life is over, TWO at that , if anything say your condolences, pray for the family and call it a day, if it was your family i'm sure the comment you said "hood at its best" is rude also the comment "heaven? yea right" really, that was real necessary to right so a family member can read it , you get a pat on the back. I hope this family can get through this rough time, and still remain to believe in god and know that he has a plan for us all.

    • SicknTired

      The righteous police have spoken! Can you now go scold some jay walkers, those who spit on the sidewalk, and anyone not washing their hands after leaving the restroom?

      The last place the grieving family members should be is online reading what anonymous strangers think about the circumstances of their loves one's death. If they choose to do so then they should be prepared for the scrutiny of their loved one's actions that lead to their own death. In this type of forum, sympathy for death is reserved for those who are innocent victims.

          • SicknTired

            Well I am sorry for your loss and I am sorry your distant family members don't feel you're important enough to warrant a phone call notifying you about said loss. If the article helped you in some way it has served it's purpose but reading the comments section isn't worth your time as it will just cause heartache.

      • velvet nelson

        And her family is all over the place.. to make sure ignonrant people like u and who every else..dont b out there talking bad about my cousins.. if it was ur lost how would u feel r ur family.. especially if the media and others r slandering ur family name and memory.. please have some respect for my family.. please.. thank u

        • anaasc

          There's nothing anyone can say to minimize the feelings of loss you may be experiencing. But since you're here to dispel rumors and if you don't mind the question. Why were they fighting at 3 AM on a road way?

      • anaasc

        You remind me of a guy I once knew. He had a black list of all the companies, restaurants, etc that he would no longer patronize because he felt they wronged him in some way. You couldn't go anywhere with him without him complaining about this or that. Making fun of a waiter or a passerby on a sidewalk. He was so negative that most people he knew didn't stick around for long because (Ahem) he was such a pleasure to be around.

        • SicknTired

          Sorry you have unpleasant memories of your friend anaasc. It's a shame you're so far off base about who I am as it would have been nice if you had stuck around here longer than you did for your friend.

          • anaasc

            With a name like -SicknTired- plus the seemingly "glass half-empty" tone of your comments…It's not like your handle is "Daffodil-lover" (I know someone who uses that handle) and you make up-beat and nice comments. The person I know who uses the handle "Daffodil-lover" is one of the sweetest people I know. I'm just saying, your name plus the tone your comments take, it's not what a personable person would put out. People like being around people who make them feel good after having spoken to them, no one likes a glass half-empty personalty.

    • Isidra Person-Lynn

      She wasn't fighting her twin. One twin seemed to be going through something psychologically and the other twin was trying to protect her and bring her back inside, when the first twin grabbed her by her hair and threw her in the path of the oncoming truck. At least that is what eyewitnesses said. Things are not always what they appear and my condolences to the family that lost two young women in one tragic night.

  • jazzieisaOG

    What would make two sisters and twins fight like that. It is a sad situation what about there children, I pray it was'nt over a man. This is sad.

    • anaasc

      Family members can be nuts sometimes. My mom got jumped, literally, by all her brothers and sisters when she was about 28-29…I can't remember exactly but it was over my little brother. We moved out of my grandma's house and they wanted to keep my brother. So, they beat up my mom on our way home and they kidnapped him. Since she couldn't take them on physically she had to take them to court. We got him back sometime later. One would think that they would have taken good care of him, but I remember when he was handed back to us at court…he was wearing the same clothes and his hair was dirty.

  • juleshalo7

    The twins were my friends, we went to college together. I don't know what they were arguing about and why it was so serious that they had to take it to the streets. I don't understand much of what happened but what I know is that the world lost two beautiful souls Sunday morning. They went fighting but that's what sisters do. I know that they are in heaven, they loved God and their family and they were good people, Where they are from has nothing to do with the way they died. We all make bad choices sometimes. May God be with them and their family and with all of you.

    • jewelz808

      Its extremely difficult losing one child…and now the heartbreak of losing two???? That is insane!
      May the lord keep a calm in the hearts of those that were left behind. Let the fact that they are both in heaven, hand in hand. May they Rest In Peace.

  • DBW

    Folks, a substantially African American neighborhood <> "ghetto". Leimert is a beautiful, walkable street with a tree lined median. Still, as a late night shortcut between large boulevards, it is no place to hover at 3 a.m..

  • BTK

    One sister had been suffering from mental health issues, her twin was trying to prevent her sister from committing suicide. I live within 100 yards of the family and had referred to the "Twins" as Identical Strangers for years, I will pray for them as well as the family. As a twin myself I would be the first to try to help my sister even if it meant putting my life in harms way.

    Many posters here are so inconsiderate.

  • T

    Please don’t take 1 reporters account of what happened as the gospel. It was as noted an attempt to save her sister’s life and it tragically ended them both. she was sick.. don’t judge what u don’t know! this is real not a reality show where they can come back and tell their side in a private booth!!

  • kendraa

    The man who murdered them should be in jail. I saw when he hit them. His ass didn't even stop. That's what pisses me off so much. If needs to do some time for killing these women. How on earth did he not see them. That makes no sense.

  • Family of the Twins

    Siblings fight all the time …This was a freak accident PLEASE RESPECT OUR FAMILY….If it where your family you would want the loss of your family to be respected. Thank You

  • Patty

    Yes right. This story is sensationalistic and false. Learn the facts before you pass your anonymous internet judgement, you twat.

  • Sidney

    Respect for the family is in order. Every inconsiderate and disrespectful comment will be addressed in time. The Lord sees it whether you sign your name to your comments or not. Peace be still. Pastor Sidney

  • Kevin Brown

    Two Beautiful sisters lost; One while trying to save the other. The next time one of you lose a family member would you want them to be described as "Ghetto" or "Brawling"/ She was trying to Save her sisters life!! Dont denigrate this beautiful family with your childish comments..

    • Isidra Person-Lynn

      She wasn't fighting her twin. One twin seemed to be going through something psychologically and the other twin was trying to protect her and bring her back inside, when the first twin grabbed her by her hair and threw her in the path of the oncoming truck. At least that is what eyewitnesses said. Things are not always what they appear and my condolences to the family that lost two young women in one tragic night.

  • Thinking of them

    WOW! None of the reasons Really Matter! There in a better place! No Stress,worry’s or Pain! God Bless them and the family may they rest in peace! No Matter how or why it HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!

  • a friend

    know what the fuck your talking about before you decide to criticize or judge…if you wasn't there or involved then you don't know what happened… ppl are so quick to listen and believe bullshit ..and to the mofos who want to be disrespectful and say they got what they deserved in do time ur family will get what they deserve…..

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