Coroner: Natalie Wood Bruised, Scratched Before Drowning

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — A fresh coroner’s review of Natalie Wood’s autopsy found that the actress had several fresh bruises and scratches on her arm, wrist and neck that likely occurred before she landed in the Pacific Ocean and drowned.

The supplemental report, which was released on Monday, said that it could not verify that those injuries were caused by a fall off a dinghy or attempt to climb back into the boat, which has long been the theory of how she died on Nov. 29, 1981, off Catalina Island.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department re-opened the case in November 2011 and the coroner later changed the cause of death from accidental to drowning and other undetermined factors.


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  • Jana

    Natalie was SO gorgeous, and such a good actress. Wagner knows something, but has never come forward, which makes him look even more like a schmuck than he is.

    If there were scratches on her arms, wrist and neck, there sure is reason to believe she had a physical struggle. Robert saying he "wasn't there" is bullshit. NOTHING in Hollyweird would surprise me, even back then.

    • erinlansing2012

      I agree! I read yrs ago Natalie knew Robert was bisexual. I have always believed Walken and Robert were in a sexual relationship. Also- Walken has been photographed throwing up the sign of "loyalty" – a freemason hand gesture. This is why he is never interviewed or mentioned whatsoever for 30 yrs! This guy is in the brotherhood and therefore protected by media and wealth and other freemasons. I believe Natalie's sister knows these 2 men are responsble but she cannot stand a chance against the evil group of men who have concealed this crime for so long.

    • erinlansing2012

      Evidence? 1. More than one person heard a woman crying for help that night on Natalie's boat. They called police but nobody responded. 2. One of the people who heard the woman's cries saying," help me, I am drowning" – was NEVER INTERVIEWED. 3. That person has repeatedly asked to put her statement on the record but authorities will not do so. 4. Natalie's own husband DID NOT call for help for 4 hours after his wife supposedly fell in the water (his version)

      There's much more evidence if you are really seeking the truth.

    • erinlansing2012

      Not unless there is compelling evidence. In this case the boat captain who was first on the scene and first saw Natalie dead in the water was NEVER interviewed! Talk about a cover up. He was then transferred and DEMOTED for trying to find out who killed Natalie. Meanwhile Robert Wagner waited four hours to call police after he said his dear wife "went missing". You do the math.

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